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  1. Hi @andylkky and @GLC250 Newbie, Yes, the brake noise is resolved. Since Aug 2017 when CnC resolved the brake noise issue, it has not re-surface. If you ask me what CnC done, I really dont know. All they tell me is that a "cover" plate is making some high pitch noise when we press the brake when reversing. They put some shim plate (some kind of a packing plate) to stop this vibration. They told me they did not replace the original brake system. For full detail, I think you may need to go CnC. I went to Alexandra service centre and all this investigating, fault finding and res
  2. Hi, Is time to change a new set of tyres. CnC quoted is on the high side. My stock tyre is Pirerlli Scopion Verde 235/60R18 103V. Similar or good alternative. Any bros here have changed? How much?
  3. Cannot login to CnC MyMB for booking for servicing. Anyone have same issue?
  4. Dear Fellow Merc owner, Just want to give an update. It has been 2 weeks since CnC did "something" on the screeching sound on the brakes. Two week has pass and no more screeching sound. It seems they may have found the problem and rectify it. If you having same issue, go CnC and I am sure they will resolve it for you. I believe they have found the solution. Best of all, they did it free. Cheers.
  5. Hi fellow GLC owners, I just got back my ride from CnC. According to the Service Manager, they replace a plate (not the brake lining or brake disc). He claims that they found this plate is the culprit that is making the screeching sound. True enough, on my ride back after this change, totally no more noise, both forward and reverse braking. Hope this is permanent solution to this embarrassing issue. I am happy now, at least don't have to hide my face when parking in the car park. Thanks Service Team in CnC Alexandra
  6. Good question. I also don't know. I just repeat what he says over the phone call. I am a nerd on car parts. Maybe he referring to the brake disc. (Is there a disc in our braking system?) Let you know after the change next week. Cheers.
  7. Hi All, Some update. I just received a call from CnC. My Service Manager, who have been very helpful following up on my case, says that they have a new brake metal. Ask me to return to workshop for replacement. I believe they know the problem and are trying to resolve it. I have make appointment for next week to replace brake. Will update. Regards.
  8. News: http://money.cnn.com/2017/03/03/news/companies/mercedes-benz-recall-fires/index.html?sr=fbcnni030317mercedes-benz-recall-fires1029PMStoryLink&linkId=35107242 Wonder if any of our rides here is affected in this recall or limit only to US only? Edit: Looks like not limited to US only http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2017/3/3/Mercedes-Forced-To-Recall-1-Million-Cars-After-51-Vehicle-Fires-7738100/
  9. Sorry for my ignorance. Why would we need a 360 camera? Install where? Inside the car? If for accident recording, can capture the vehicle number?
  10. Thanks for the reply. Okay, as long as no loss on the freebies, will do the maths to compare the penalty against the interest for remaining years if loan continues with them. Current bank interest rate is peanuts, so might as well clear the loan. Cheers.
  11. I tried to search if this was discussed. Cannot find. Like to seek senior's advice. When i purchase my ride thru CnC, was told to take the Financing and Insurance package provided by CnC, so as to earn the package benefits (about $3000). As advised by the SA, I could redeem the loan after one year. May I ask whether anyone redeem their loan after one year and that it will not affect the rebate benefits? Thanks
  12. Hi Flyboy, If you google online forum, there are also oversea owners reporting on this matter. Link here: http://mbworld.org/forums/glc-class-x253/621420-screeching-brakes-glc.html. It is same as what I encountered. In fact CnC at Alexander was very helpful. The service manager, Nick, took the trouble to test drive the car until he found the sound, as it was intermittent. Make another appointment to leave car with them for few days while I was on vacation. Will update on outcome of any issues following this. This few days, my GLC is behaving better. Not like a screaming pig a
  13. Yes. Mine sounded 100% similar to this video. It is very ambrassing when you try parking on reverse and the sound come out. Is not soft but loud screeching sound on the rear brakes. I got my GLC back to CnC and they replaced the brake pads. Now is better but still have slight screeching sound but not so frequent. I reported again to CnC, and the service manager says they will contact Germany to see if there is a permanent cure to this problem. I really hope that the sound is now due to new pads and will go away after running in.
  14. I have been having very loud screeching braking noise on reverse. Wonder if this is just my GLC, or others also facing same issue. I googled and found GLC owners in other MB forum also talking about it. Anyone got it resolved by CnC?
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