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  1. Looking to sell original boot tray! $200 contact me at 91eight552nine2
  2. Looking to sell my Original 18” AMG rims with ps4 tyres. $1,800.. no swop.. msg me to deal! 91eight55two9two
  3. Fast deal, please text me! 81111002 Demod as changing outlook of current w205 C class. 1) Mercedes Benz original car boot protector plastic mat-$50 -> SOLD! Fast hand fast leg! 2) FTP intake pipe system (charge pipe, can be used for methanol kit too) $150 gd to have can feel the instant response 3) Brabus original bootlid with Brabus logo -$500–>reserved 4) original dual LED intelligence lighting for W205 come with cable and connector-$2800 5) ultra racing undercarriage bars to improve handling (one at the bottom rear, two bars at the front bottom
  4. Anyone did here did the huge rear wing?! whats the damage? i'm thinking about getting that done when i get my c180!
  5. Wahh, looking damn good ah bro! Make me very itchy for my car to come! So many more months!
  6. Hi bro, what do u mean by your last sentence? The resale value of the c200 is not there? Sorry, it's a old post. But just reading up and trying to learn more!
  7. hahah! its all been done! but thanks bro for your inputs! comand online can be done for 2-3k? ok! will do more reseach! thanks again guys!!
  8. Thanks For the advice bro! I signed already! C180 AMG line.. Added on the black open pore wood! Red with black interior! Delivery date dec/Jan... Damn long sia the wait! for the speaker casing, my se say don't have leh! Tomorrow I'll go bug him for it again... Hahah.. I actually sold my car already and dekitted my blackvue camera which works does overnight recording as well.. Se says not advisable to use my own camera and not advisable to do recording overnight... Otherwise warranty void sia... Then when car is parked something happen how? -.-" so irritating.. I'll think about the G
  9. So, it's confirmed I'm going for a C180 AMG Line.. Based from the SE, it's better for me to buy the "options" as well.. Rather then fit it locally, like what you guys have done, as it's more expensive... Is this true? I wanna do the black open pore wood for the doors and center console.. How much is the full set? Also, the "upgrading" to GPS. Any idea how much this is and which type to go for? Not 100% on the burmester sound system though... Some say it's not worth it right? Hahah
  10. LOL! i had a feeling that was the answer! i read up on the other thread for the bodykit already.. Thanks guys! looks like i'll be making the orders this weekend. Any idea if CNC will be holding any more events? like their annual roadshows kinda thing? would it be better priced? and sorry i'm off topic ts. paiseh paiseh! i see your mods until i also backside itchy already sia!
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