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  1. Selling Original Genuine Mercedes AMG 19" Rims ONLY Original 19" rims factory fitted on all MERCEDES E53 AMG and optional on on W213 E-Class AMGLINE Compatible for all Mercedes looking for staggered & flush fitment! Able to clear and fit any 6pot BBK or AMG Brake Kits 6pot even with 380mm Rotors perfectly without spacers! No kerb rash or chips! Flawless rims as good as new! x2pieces 8J ET43 x2pieces 9J ET49 MADE IN AUSTRIA One of the best looking AMG rims around! SOLD!
  2. Awesome charge-pipes! Great increase in performance... Boost held alot better...
  3. 1) Rick - 2) Pierre CLA (HOT FEMALE Models MOST welcome to touch my car) 3) EOS 4) Desmond 5) alvin GLA 6) Bentley 7) KavDerick 8) Kean 9) Heegan 10) darksaint 11) Leroy 12) Keltanky 13) Stanford 14) JM (tbc) 15) Ron5000 16) marketdealer 17) TE 18) Chua 19) AMG CHRIS (Off pass approval granted) 20) Darren 21) Aaron Lew 22) GLA owners 23) Yue Soo 24) Shawn 25) JSnoob 26) Jon X 27)
  4. Roger that... gonna try out this interesting theory for sure haha...
  5. Thanks bro jtang for sharing, will try it out indefinitely! Been bugging me for quite awhile already.. Cheers! ps. just applying it on the thinnest part of the wiper will do right? as in the point of contact with the windscreen..
  6. After it shows you "Refill now" basically is left roughly how many litres..? Still can run another 100km so much?! Damn scary when you hit "Refill now" screen as you are in a state of the unknown.. Usually before "Refill now" comes on.. the monitor will shows it is left with about 30-50km roughly to run before it changes to "Refill now"
  7. Na... They will not reveal anything except for the date of last servicing thats all.. Irregardless you transfer the ownership with C&C or not.. It's their strict policy these days to not reveal any information unless you really know someone inside..
  8. Can share the picture of the dipstick? or perhaps the direct URL of it?
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