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  1. Hi, yes, I changed the supercharge pipe as well, as the rubber harden... if I remember correctly, it costs me $21... and 15min simple diy job.. I don’t hv the part number, what I did was, I drove to the stockist( PAS AUTO, sin ming) and shown them the pipe I needed..
  2. Hi did u see this message just after you crank up the engine or during mid way driving? Actually you can check the battery voltage/ charge level on this car easily... 1. Pre condition :Engine is stop 2. Insert key, turn the key one step(without cranking the engine) make sure the dash display is at home menu( without all those warning message), if u hv some warning msg, just clear it out by pressing return key 3. Press /hold the phone pickup button- (right steering keypad), follow by ‘ok’ on left steering keypad and hold these two buttons until dash display change
  3. Hmm .. .to be able to see cam gears condition ... they need to open up the Cam cover .. During normal car service they really open up cam cover? sound fishy .. .. BTW, gears worn after 70Kkm is a bit too early .. .usually it can last 120~150Kkm..
  4. Hi, Usually, if the timing chain stretch (becoming longer) .. or the cam gear wear out (gear tip no longer sharp but rounded off) .. during cold start, the engine will sound like diesel .. that is the classic early tell-tale sign for M271... else usually do not need to do anything t .. Did the WS tell u, what prompt them for the conclusion?
  5. Hi, Need to separate air flow rate & temperature , the air coming out can be strong, but not cold .. or vice versa .. if it's air flow issues, then it has nothing to do with compressor ... it's related to aircond filter (blocked), or blower/vent opening.. item that can affect 'air path". .. if it's temperature issues, then it has to do with compressor, cooling coil , thermistor related item Since u have changed compressor but air still not cold enough, not sure u have explore .. there is a themistor (sensor than measure cabin room temperature) + small fan (that help to
  6. Hi Stepper78, Is ESL replacement mean replace the DC motor? or change the complete ESL lock module? So, we have 3 options? 1.Change ESL module to new (+ reprogram)? 2.repair ESL motor (change motor) (no need reprogram) 3.Circult Bypass (emulator), remove the DC motor .. no more steering lock function & failure in future?
  7. Hi, was told, the root cause problem is the small Dc motor failure( that control the steering lock) is bypass also mean, car no longer hv steering lock feature?
  8. Hi, has been using the filter on my w204, the k&n filter can be quite dirty after short while, usually I will take it out every few months and just do simple knock the filter on floor, u will find lots of black dirt come out...for normal paper filter, I don’t get this kind of dirt.. don’t know good or bad?? Usually after the simple dirt removal, the car is more lively...
  9. Hi I thought there are only two types? & seems interchangeable .. A 000 989 88 03 (MB236.3) 500ml? yellow? A 001 989 24 03 10 (MB 345.0) green 1 lit (some say, this is good for -25c )
  10. Hi Just completed siphon out ~ 450ml using shampoo dispenser, the old PS fluid came out dark brown in color, pour in the MB345 (green ) , close to max level .. Did a quick test, steering now much lighter ....will monitor tomorrow ,, My steering so far is smooth, no noise ... just that sometime feel heavier than normal . Will do another round of siphon + replacing weekend ... to further clean up more old PS fluid out.. since I still have ~ 500ml left .. Well, it's a quick night job ... no harm spending $24 'replacing ' the PS fluid using this method ..
  11. Hi, For M271 engine, the engine/transmission mount replacement is very simple .. for my car, the WS only spend 30min job .. BTW, do not need to take out engine .. the labour cost about $30~40 for each mount .. regards
  12. Hi, Mine W204(m271), the power steering fluid level is @ 20c max level..even after long driving .. I think is rather low (correct level should be somewhere between 80c min/max .. Power steering sometime few heavy, sometime very light feeling .. Just bought 1lit from Goldenlink (A001 989 24 03 10) $24 .. will do a simple siphon & refill later .. regards
  13. hi, For info, part usually I go PAS Auto (sin ming) .. For workshop, I now go U Auto Care ... (bukit Batok WCEGA plaza), nice guy, even open on Sunday .. Thanks
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