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  1. Good: Good to see such promotions. Keep it up. Bad: Looking at the way staff handle vehicles makes one think twice. Some are driving recklessly in carpark when storing vehicles. One such example in Tampines.
  2. Hi need some advise: My W205 C180 does not come with Navgation system. How do I install them? The car also does not have a SD card slot but 2 USB slots. Can I use USB card reader to install the GPS system?
  3. Please take note: 10 Year warranty is only for 1st Owner. If you bought your car from someone else, there will be no warranty for their films even though the car is only few months old
  4. Mine also the same. Hear it during cold start but got after driving about 5 mins.
  5. PM you already Leave you a message already
  6. B5 service should involved all fluid change. I did mine at 65k. Engine oil change, airfilter, oil filter, brake fluid, ATF
  7. It might be due to slow traffic thus not travelling on max gear. Mine can achieve around 10KM per Litre. Non Highway drive. Average speed 80km per hour.
  8. Hi can I meet up with you tomorrow in Raffles? Which part to meet and time convenient to you?
  9. Hi, how do I collect from you?
  10. Hi IndieBeng Which part of Yishun to collect from you?
  11. Where to collect from you? I stay in Hougang
  12. @rickosw Where to collect from you? Am staying in Hougang
  13. Thanks for the Info. Wonderful if can compile a list of reliable workshops too. Cheers
  14. Hi am staying in Hougang. Any chance of meeting up to get the decal?
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