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  1. hit my B180's left side mirror at car park, and now no more turn indicator working, but can still fold/unfold automatically. C&C checked, saying can't repair, and gave me a 1400$ quotation to replace.. Feel 1400$ bit too much, can ask will there be any 3rd workshops to repair? Thanks a lot
  2. Hi Bros, thanks for the reply. Will get C&C to check.
  3. My ride is a 2016 B180 Style(W246), now 2 years old. C&C unit. When the car is moving at a slow speed of ~15km/h (my foot has been stepping gently on the accelerator pedal for a while), sometimes the car will accelerate suddenly by itself. I'll need to step on the brake pedal immediately to control the speed. So far it has happened a few times, I guess maybe once a month? Anyone else ever experienced similar phenomenon? Anything we can do? Thanks!
  4. Hi bros, my B180 is 6 months old, but the beige seats are already dirty.. mainly from sons' dirty shoes. So far never cleaned these seats yet, can ask how is the best way to handle it? Saw in this forum someone recommended C&C's leather cream. Thanks all.
  5. Hi all, I am tempted to do some MOD to convert my 6 months old B180 into a B200. I understand there are a few methods to achieve that, and I hope to retain my C&C warranty. Can ask anyone did so recently? What's the recommended method/workshop/price? Thanks a lot in advance.
  6. B180's tyres should be able to last 40~50k km? Then is it too early to rotate at 5k only? Thanks
  7. Hi bro, thanks for the reply. I can see my FC is normal for B180, while it's a bit above my expectation. Thought I can make ~8L/100km in city driving..
  8. I've listed my average speed to be 25km/L, which should have factored in highway/city part.
  9. Hi all, I found FC of my B180 is not as good as expected. So far clocked ~4000 km, with average consumption at 9.9L/100km (average speed = 25km/h). Is it normal?
  10. Hi all, I got above gift voucher from C&C. Does it worth a trip to showroom to collect? If value > 10$ then I'll consider, haha. Thanks.
  11. Thanks to both, bro. Usually we only have 2 babies at the back, so in the end we did 245 front and 240 back.
  12. I've got my new B180 Style for 2 months, some observations For gear: Coming from Altis, I feel the transmission is not that smooth but acceptable. After 2 months I totally get used to the new gear For aircon: though there is no rear air con vent, the air con is definitely strong enough to cool the whole car. However, the temperature setting in the car is useless, as if you set it to be 26 or 27 (as what I did to my old Altis), the B180 will blow hot air!! So I end up with 21 degress, while adjust through blow speed.. I feel this is a design flaw. For fuel consumption: so far I only have 10km
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