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  1. Hi thanks for the review. im in the market for the suspension too. My GLC coupe have reach dat stage ,contact Bilstein ,dey juzz mention B4 & B6. I’m looking for typical mercedes comfort ,less on handling & sportiness ,what do u reckon? thanks
  2. Hi U do the right thing(s)by asking. I see u mention first time buyer ,perhaps u mean first time contemplating a MB. If u realli yr first time ,DUN,u needs to x’perience a bit to even attempt a Premium car,pays to learn as dey said,navigate the choppy water first. Anwae the early C204 to give her the proper name comes with a Kompressor engine & is a good starting point. •The veri first thing after checking out the car ,is to negotiate to go to yr choice of workshop for inspection(if u dun have,I can recommend)not those from STA/Vicom ones. it’s not so straight
  3. dis is a good place for yr birth certificate of yr car. From E5 or E6 to everything dat comes out of the factory Try this web https://www.datamb.com/ Good luck.
  4. Thanks for yr comment. Juzz got a 3rd opinion ,dis morning. The workshop supervisor says,if it is ,it’s onli slightly worn. So I have one worn ,one ok,one slightly. At dis point of time ,I dun enjoy driving it, juzz leave it in the MSCP. I used my other merk. I even call around stockist to check on the price of the Bilstein B4. I have a warranty from select but dat will be difficult to claim for suspension. But I will give it a go,Anwae. No leak ,no nuthing ,juzz move around more than usual especially on irregular surface like a ,hump .
  5. Good Morning Rickosw

    thanks for the help.

    Now I am in ..............yr telegram.

    much appreciate

    1. rickosw


      thank you for the support

  6. Hi Rickosw 

    can I joined yr Mercs telegram group.

    I register a while back but I can’t view & definitely can’t chat.

    thanks in advance.

    Wans to noe ,where the members send their diesel car too?

    I collected mine ,a preown one,last week

    1. rickosw


      you can join SGMERC telegram chat, there are diesel owners there


    2. fesa704


      Thanks for the reply rickosw

      Can I have the link,sometimes I can see the chat but I can’t post.

      plse help?

  7. Hi Guys Juzz collected a 2017 GLC250d with 62plus kilometres in the clock. My tyres are stagger 235/55R19 255/50 R19 Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Found dat it was veri harsh ride ,when I pick it up,think it was 44psi 300kpa Then I read somewhere on line ,ppl swear by 36psi 250kpa. So I adjusted to dat,it’s improve but..... Dis morning(dunno why)I pump it up to 38psi 260kpa OMG It’s all over the place! As we speak,I gotta do sumthing,bring it down to 35psi 240kpa Calm it down a fair bit. Reckon to be the best so far.
  8. Hi guess ,I ‘m late for the party! Hope u still have yr 250d? l got a few question to ask u? where do u send yr diesel for service. I am trying to hook up some diesel specialist for the job with dis EGR & DPF thingy. And by the way where do u purchase yr car,believe C&C dun do D. I m collecting my PI 2017 diesel soon,nobody got a clue ,if it’s E5 or E6. I have the adblue refill,does dat means anything? thanks.
  9. Hi guess ,I ‘m late for the party! Hope u still have yr 250d? l got a few question to ask u? where do u send yr diesel for service. I am trying to hook up some diesel specialist for the job with dis EGR & DPF thingy. And by the way where do u purchase yr car,believe C&C dun do D. thanks.
  10. Review are mostly taken as a pinch of salt, U wun noe who’s behind those write up. forum discussion like dis are more acceptable. As the name suggest VAG is more for vw & perhaps some audi too. But of course,u bring money there ,am sure ,they wun reject u. Sure dey have dabs in MB before ,Reckon most workshop also have but are they more specialise? u tell me? I would rather go to the tried & trusted ,recommended ones. Forget abt kompressor,used to b alrite but afraid,not anymore.. u can see my earlier post ? recommended a few ,in my ti
  11. Some update........ on old mb workshop *balmoral auto ,in Dunearn ,mr foo is the boss ,nice 70 plus guy but he dun do the repair. ah Kheng as I previously mention have taken a break. *Tech Choon. From Kranji ,the boss ,mr Wong owns three w124 is good @ tuning the 8v. The rest of the so call old mercs wshop are basically service & replace part NOT much of a trouble shooting. Been to jb a couples of times,not worth the time.juzz recently been to one of the reputable shop before shutdown. My bill was 911rm ,work out to be 300plus sin but I spend something li
  12. Why PM? Post it here ,for everybody to see anwae ,what’s autolamp?
  13. Ok many ppl recommend K.Y ,I did check them out recently with my older mercs but dey dun seems keen on the older ones. I might try another time with my newer ones but I might NOT b too keen with them anymore. was told specifically dey do dabble on the older ones as well. I can bring new & old to G6 & tech choon,no problems,reckon ,if wshop starts to choose what dey wans in their workshop,dat will be a big issues!
  14. Which workshop are u talking about? Always believe good workshop u post here ,bad ones ,u also must do the same or was it shame? Why try carousell for the list of workshop? Down here sgmerc recommendation is plenty & there’s actual ppl who try it out. carousell?u onli read the review,haha.
  15. Good to hear dat ,u have sort it out & keep us update. I realli dun like ppl who post their car problem here & ask for recommended wshop & disappear from the scene! I believe there’s must be some sort of closure,u can’t juzz take something & act like dats nothing happened! But u didn’t mention which wshop u go to? So everything A ok,then........
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