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  1. Workshop texted car ready to collect around 3pm. I asked about the warning messages and car jerking when changing gear. Advisor said it was the electrical and kit that causes the problem, they have changed the electrical and kit.
  2. Currently 53k. Yah taxi voucher will be good idea. Let me check with them tmr If still cannot get car will try ask for taxi voucher. Damn troublesome without car.
  3. 04/2016 register but was produce in 2015. Not sure what is the problem. Cannot hear the advisor properly. Mind gone chaos after heard him 5 days downtime. Did not ask for any replacement car. I doubt they will give and should be giving all sort of excuses gene ask for it. Sick of arguing.
  4. Got warning light after start engine early in the morning. Went to Eunos workshop the usual long wait and after an hour I asked why and how long have to wait and was told that I am walk in without appointment so have to wait till they served people with appointment then will be my turn. Wts. How the hell to make appt for sudden warning light appeared and ask to go workshop???? Sent car in at 9am need to sit there and wait till 5pm since their appt is full for the day??? Anyway Cnc workshop yet to give me good impression for their service. Advisor called up around 3pm to ask for my car log card and my nric to order parts from Germany! Min. 4 to 5 days in workshop. This is really my 1st, order parts need original owner detail particulars . Not sure anyone encounter before.
  5. Hi Just to update. Done my 45k servicing. with air con chem wash and grooming. not incl any extra like engine flush, additives, tyre rotation etc. Engine light was solved, it was found out in 1st day in workshop. Thanks to Advisor Kelvin from Eunos, managed to get the workshop to find out the it was the camshaft sensor not up to spec. it was changed under warranty. I was overseas and he whatsapp me only 2-3 hrs after he pick up my case and inform me part will be sent in on 2nd day. He also ask me to monitor the brake pad (25%) and wiper blade is too hard. I am satisfied with the service! Finally solved.
  6. Here is the Battery pic workshop specializes tyre and battery long Changi road opp Shell petrol station
  7. Sure, I will post the batt pic installed in the engine compartment and the brand tomorrow. A bit lazy to go carpark.........
  8. My batt was original batt from MB. Yes MB used Varta. This Korean brand batt is deep cycle batt too. Anyway Varta died off so fast so it doesn’t matter what brand to use. And no warranty from MB if change with other workshop so Varta no Varta it is ok for me as long as it serve the job. My friend intro many to conti car user so far no bad feedback . when I complaint about the sudden acceleration they only said it will be ok after software upgrade. It was slightly more than a year, I endured the flaw till 2nd service because the 1st service I selected express service and they don’t entertain other request during express servicing.
  9. After I changed my battery to Korean brand type. So far so good. So far No engine warning light. Hope it is all because of weak battery. Weak battery will cause the auto start stop stop working too. Before I sent my car to Eunos for servicing, the auto start stop is working fine. But after they sort out my sudden acceleration issue, the engine start stop never works after I collected back my car. Hope the car work all fine from now.
  10. Received the Recall letter. As Clover mentioned it’s the fuse replacement. Just asked my friend, his E200 bought 1 year ago also got the recall.
  11. no idea!!! Advisor asked whether I received recall letter, i said NO. then tell me they make the changes and do not need to go back if received the letter. dont even know what they have changed!!!! Advisor said letters are sending out in batches. yet to receive!
  12. Anyone has this problem? Engine warning light appears and off after change car remote battery but it light up again after 3 weeks, few days later its auto off again. Just to share my recent experience with Service center. Called on 6/12 but earliest can send car in on 11/12 at MBC, Eunos full till 21/12 Car sent in, but the Sentry test cannot be detected from Advisor screen on her desk, need workshop to advise, car need to leave with service center. Will update me next day 5-6pm! I Call back next day around 3pm to check, was asked to let them check and get back to me. Return my call and said cannot collect car, I asked what the problem. Said let them check again. Return call and say battery to weak cannot do test, need change my battery before check other test. Battery will cost $400++ My car less than 2 yrs, battery spoiled? Car is original state did not do any modification. Answer to me is that the battery only warranty for 2 yrs or 30000 km, my mileages is 39000 so no more warranty. I insist to collect my car and change battery with outside workshop which is min. 40-50% cheaper. Since MB only warranty mileage less than what i have traveled. I will monitor myself on the warning light, will book another service if it appears again. Do not understand, such a big AD service center don’t have spare battery to do engine test, insist I need to change battery before carry out other test!!! Advisor later called again to apologize and said their workshop had do the check and said my car is under Recall and they had done the necessary changes so I do not need to send the car to service center if I received the Recall letter. (this after i complaint if car sitting there without any proper check/repair, i want my car back)
  13. This service I Opt out air and cabin filters. Bought them from Goldlink And will install myself. Tyre rotation can do it FOC at my usual tyre shop. Service Advisor is very nice guy, help me record my car minor problem and ask tester to check it out with me. Nothing found during test . So he asked for the software update. Hope this can clear the auto accelerate from D1 to D2.
  14. Amount much more than published. Must be additional add on not include in service package. But how a first timer know what are not include in service package Plus A? -fuel additive (I never use for any of my previous car) - 15000k need engine flush ? - cleaning agent? - true rotation need charge? I can get it free from my regular tyre shop.
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