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  1. This is Torque Apps...connected to the OBD2...LIVE monitoring on the car performance...my wife said look so "Ah-Beng"..hahahaha.
  2. Bro, Your original is NTG1 or NTG2 ? Mine is NTG1, cannot plug in reverse parking camera and no bluetooth set, it is the main reason I changed my head unit.
  3. I changed mine to SACHS..purchased all 4 pieces at local stocklist at $360. Labour $200 included alignment after changing.
  4. Thanks for sharing...This is something which I am not aware of....I will get my workshop to check my w211 during next servicing..
  5. I DIYed my 4x check strap...$50 per piece..from Tye Soon... Now I am quite a expert in removing door panel....hahaha....
  6. I just wondering what is the recommended mileage to replace the set of ignition coil? My W211 mileage already 200,000km...there is nothing wrong with the original 11 years old ignition coil. Should I just change since the cost for a set of 4 coils is not really that expensive. New coils should conduct better/more powerful current and also gives me a peace of mind. What do you think?
  7. Nice...very rear to find left-hand steering wheel here.
  8. Ok....after spending some time researching on which android set to get...I finally made the decision to jump into this project. "To replace my obsolete Command NTG1 to aftermarket china Android set" Ordered the set from Aliexpress...damage about $380 (include shipment and all extra acc..radio cable, backup camera, GPS etc etc) Took my time over the new year holiday to DIY, learning from stretch...actually it is not difficult as there are tons of instruction video in youtube. Anyway, here is the new look in my center "cockpit".
  9. Ever wonder how your W211's suspension handle driving thru portholes? See it in 4k slow-motion...
  10. Bro, You purchase your Shell Helix Ultra from where? I got mine from Shell Service Centre..they say it is both MB 229.5 and 226.5 certified leh. http://www.shell.com.sg/motorists/oils-lubricants/helix-for-cars/helix-fully-synthetic/shell-helix-ultra-5w-40.html
  11. I had the same tough luck going round island to hunt for used W211 parts. One scrapyard worker told me that W211 is quite in demand for overseas market. The scrapyard usually export the whole car instead of dismantling it. Even for W211 scrapped due to accident, the scrapyard will get good profit by repairing and then exporting it out.
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