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  1. Recently changed mine to normal Michelin PS4 at about 23k KM. Much quieter and better grip. The tyre shop had quite a bit of difficulty removing the stock run flats from the rims because the side walls were so hard. For added peace of mind, carry tyre patching kits (canister type) or do puncture prevention coating.
  2. I don't think it is the wheezing from the turbo. In general, the turbo from the engine cannot really be heard too clearly. In addition, the wind sound increases with speed, not RPM, which the turbo wheezing will. I drove a turbo diesel when I was working in Europe. The turbo wheezing is quite distinctive. The wind noise comes from the door area, probably from wing mirror area. It's probably a result of turbulence of the airflow around the area. Alger.
  3. I also noticed the same issues. Wind noise-also heard at the about 85KM/H Brake hold - faint high pitch noise heard after a few seconds from activation of brake hold. (pretty soft, but can be rather irritating if you 'tune' your ears to it.. then again, as you mentioned, the sound system will drown it out anyway Looks like normal to the car then.. Generally, this car is pretty noisy compared to my previous GS300, which was whisper quiet and devoid of these noises. Alger W205, Nov 15, 13000KM
  4. Dear all, thinking of consolidating all your W205 warranty issues so that we have a common knowledge base and determine if those are really issues and what CnC can, and cannot do. Also good information for potential owners. I start first. Nov 15, C180, 11000KM 1. 12V socket no power. 1st time (1 day) went in and they determined that there was a relay that was defective and they don't have stock for it (really??!!). Eventually, they ordered the part and my car went in for another 1 day to replace the relay after 2 weeks. 2. Screeching sound when braking to near stop
  5. I had this issue when I collected the car in Nov 15. It lasted a few months and eventually disappeared.. So never had the opportunity to report this to CnC. There were some other issues that I had to report to CnC after that..
  6. The C180 comes with Artico seats, a nice way of saying fake leather seats. Only the steering wheel is wrapped with leather.
  7. I can also confirm that the CPA+ does actually applies the brakes autonomously. I have also experienced it when i went too near to a truck when trying to overtake a bus..
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