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  1. cannot, they can’t understand Ang Mo Kio , Bedok or Toa Payoh ...etc. Unless is English word like gas station , rest area , Orchard road
  2. Like that can or not?
  3. I don’t know about version, how to check? What picture you want to see?
  4. Yes, I am using this.
  5. certainly, go to the link certainly , go to the link below http://satnavishop.co.uk/
  6. My is a SEA map, I cannot remember the exact about, is about SGD130
  7. It will work, cos my is the same as yours
  8. Is your the FL C class? The button is not responding to your pressed . You need to buy the lastest 2018/2019 map pilot. Is for wide screen. Once inserted, it upgrade the system and will work perfectly.
  9. came across this threads, anyone already using the sat navi from the link above? kindly share your experience. wondering if the new c fl can use? not use to google map, cos need to plug cable to activate CarPlay
  10. I didn’t receive any mail , but went in for a SRS repair - replaced a computer chip last month. Is that related?
  11. Bros & Sis Can recommend workshops for the following, i have a feeling CnC technician very average skill....need to seek old bird for help aircon smell tic tic sound when engine idle door lock not working properly schedule servicing Preferably in the Central or East areas. Many Thanks.
  12. It could be just the software, it could be wiring or the sensor itself. Send back to workshop and they will need to diagnose for you.
  13. Depend where is the faulty area. Mine was a software upgrade and settled.
  14. I'm surprise why you guys with MBFS? when i bought my, i was offered maybank with 50% down, 50% loan. As far as i am aware, early redemption make no difference as the interest already factored in.
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