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  1. I'm currently driving the F10 528i and have driven the XF before. Test drove the new E class before deciding on the F10. Depends on what you are looking for. Interior for me XF hands down. Only thing, car is very sluggish. It's a nice comfortable car to drive but lacks power. Also longest car of the lot so parallel parking can be a headache. Exterior new E Class. New lights plus panoramic sunroof damn nice. Older E class a bit ah pek but the new model quite chio. So why did I choose F10? It's a driver's car. Response and manoeuvrability best of the lot. 18 months already and no problems so far
  2. sports car white color bo sui leh
  3. hv fun guys. would love to join but unfortunately can't
  4. Wonder if priced correctly? http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=364380&DL=1000
  5. It's a diesel guys..think this was last week's article.
  6. haha doubt if he's gonna back out if only pay for installation cost
  7. no matter AD's or used car dealers, you can always lowball. There is no such thing as paiseh. Bargain as much as you can, unless your dream car comes along (perfect colour, interior, engine blah blah blah). fyi b4 my C class, traded in my ride for about $190k+. Next thing I know, it's on SGcarmart asking for $220k+. Imagine their profit margin.
  8. set reserved for fellow sgmerc member..apologies to those who missed
  9. yes you are right..original is staggered. Long story cut short, when I changed they only had these so I just cheonged
  10. sori no idea...I also need to handover my car in proper condition
  11. just trade in your present rims with these. Installation cost you pay. Preferred workshop areas will be Alexandra or Sin Ming area. http://www.sgmerc.com/gallery/image/156-012/ . Rims have minor kerb rashes.
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