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  1. Encounter rattling noise in the front of car at slow speed. Park car overnight and this morning the noise went away. Noise came back in the evening on the way home. tested the suspension. See video Does this mean shock absorber is faulty? Or anything to suspect? VID_20210106_173558.mp4
  2. Just discover that Malaysia Cycle Carriage Mercedes accept Singapore Registered MB. But their service interval is 12,000km. Anyone service there?
  3. Did some research. If the “auxiliary battery” aka converter is faulty: the eco logo likely will not appear. if the eco logo appears but always Amber, then should be main battery weak. Went ahead to to replace the main battery and yeah the eco is working now. Not that I am using it though.. for knowledge sharing
  4. Went for 60,000km service with cnc with eco start stop not working. Service advisor say main battery weak and quoted $500+. I ask them isn’t this due to auxiliary battery aka capacitor bank, they say w205 only has one battery which is the main. Eco strt stop use the converter. Anyway I learnt from Mb forums that auxiliary battery = converter which consist of some capacitor and an electronic board Cnc claim vehicle will not start if I don’t replaceand battery warantee is 2yr or 30,000km which ever early Cut story: I bought a varta battery from Stockist and went workshop. Worksh
  5. Likely they will say ok we upgrade the software for u. Make you go back and find that it doesn’t improve but to busy to send it back. Just kidding
  6. My boot closing n opening was abit jerky and got worst till it stop halfway. i took a torchlight n shine into the motor n found the boot cushion is on its way, pull the cushion back to position n all was ok. The boot close button is not sensitive since day01. Anyone?
  7. Went to c&c on this topic, air recirculation depends on cabin temperature. They say new sw did not allow them to extend the duration of air recirculation for us. Will try to flip the mechanical vent to normally recirculating when warantee expire:)
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