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  1. Up for u Unker! Good stuff. Confirm well taken care of! If I got budget sure buy!
  2. +1 Not a fair comparison though TS. E200 vs 520 would be a closer comparison.
  3. Saw it too. Price of almost $14k is pretty dumb. I doubt after doing it, the price of the car will increase by as much. In fact I think the increase in value is only minimal. At the price, I seriously doubt many pre fl owners will bite. Lol
  4. Yes bro, golf set is still available and price is negotiable!
  5. PM sent bro! I am not related to any though!
  6. Brand new never used before Travel Bag. Tag still intact. Asking $45 negotiable!
  7. Bought for wife but seldom used. Includes : Driver (New & sealed) 4 wood 7 wood (New & sealed) 5/6 Rescue/Hybrid 7, 8, 9, P, SW, putter Comes with Orange (chio chio) bag (used but in great condition). Asking for $300 negotiable!
  8. Rule of thumb for changing rotors is every 2 brake pad change, 1 rotor change. Skimming is common in jap rides but normally not recommended for conti rides. For safety issues. Not I say one, 2 workshops specializing in MB and BMW say one.
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