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  1. All items have been SOLD. Thank you for your support.
  2. 1. Car Mat with MERC nice emblem logo ---> RESERVED 3. C-Class single fin grille ---> SOLD 4. Metal Mercedes-Benz emblem ---> RESERVED
  3. 2. Magnetic Sun shades with "C-Class" tag - 5 pieces ----> SOLD
  4. Hello, De-Kitting items from my current W204 ride. Please PM me 8127 2984. 1. Car Mat with MERC nice emblem logo - 3 pieces good quality mat & condition 80% (Take note the anti slip below the mat no longer attached) ----> $40 2. Magnetic Sun shades with "C-Class" tag - 5 pieces ----> $40 3. C-Class single fin grille ---> $50 4. Metal Mercedes-Benz emblem - 2 pieces (One with box & one without box cover) ----> $15
  5. May this joyous season bring laughter and joy to you and to the ones that matter most in your life.. ****Merry Christmas****
  6. Oh sorry i just noticed your is the CLA... actually is the new C class 2014 that im referring.
  7. Nice ride.. How you feel about the door? I've noticed that the door does not give me the "Thunk" solid signature closing sound compare to C class, and it's feel lighter too...
  8. Price? how is the illuminated star works? only will turn ON when heads light is up? what is the down time to fix this? my ride is using one fin grille, can the start fit into it?
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