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  1. herr doktor, not yours lah. bought an alcantara wheel with paddle shifts.
  2. donch anyhow say. people is happily married man only interest is zhng his white mercs ok?
  3. I got mine from Leong Seng. how much you can get depends on a lot of factors - the condition of your trade-ins, etc. best if you drop by and speak to them. there are also sponsors here that you can approach if you're not dead keen on just BBS.
  4. The f30 320 and 328 very rough lah. Bmw think they sporting brand issit?
  5. this sat i going there. for 7.5k, as recommended. there better be a TKB there for me.
  6. 100,000 pounds is more or less about SGD220,000....knnccb. >.< that's the price of a new chery QQ now.
  7. ...do you really want to hurt me? do you really want to make me cry?
  8. I stated facts only, your honour. happily for you, in a few weeks' time, your ride will not be underpowered. but change rims can please?
  9. Leftfield sibeh eng leh.

    1. snsd555
    2. leftfield


      Must always find time to how lian 一下

    3. HYM


      win liao loh! sibeh hao lian loh!

  10. stock rims too commonplace. the new ones are better (i still would have gotten them powdercoated in black. can match your underwear).
  11. white car with silver rims too tame for you liao, mr macho sir. may i suggest the H3 in sunburst orange and a set of bright blue 22 inch rims?
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