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  1. Recently I just changed mine on my w204 Which model is yrs?
  2. Hi it looks same color as the DRL which is wat im looking for Which color did u chose for the halogen h7? 4300 or 5000k?? Thks
  3. May i know for w204 if i change only the halogen bulb to Philips diamond vision halogen... Which is closest pure white as as DRL? 4300 or 5000k? As 6000k supposed to be blushish
  4. hi i notice my 2013 c180cgi rear backup camera is located far right... i know C&C fitted this camera from 3rd party sourse & not OEM perhaps it will appeared to be slanted when i engage the car dash screen... it makes it hard to estimate the alighment & offen get slanted due to the slanted view.. as i just got this car hence im trying to get use to it.. is there any way i can tilt it straight? but if anyone has a better camera that can be more centralise fitted that will even be a better solution... pls advise guys
  5. I it free to change to nitrogen @C&C? Under warranty?
  6. Hi but my rear camera is on the right side so it will still shows slanted even with the line turn on... Does yrs? Im on a c180cgi 2013
  7. Hi im new to sgmerc I used to be able to copy img link frm photobucket But now they dont have this option on mobilephone.. How do i post picture then? Any New method? Picture speaks a thousand words!
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