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  1. Thank you guys for replying! Actually I've sent to Ubi for the first instance and they said they needed to updated the software (doesnt work), Second time sent in for servicing and raised issue at leng kee, was told that couldnt find any issues, Third time sent in to leng kee again and was told my compressor fluid was below factory specs and they did a full diagnostic on my compressor and found no other issues. So being pissed that Singapore is already very warm and the air con is still blowing hot air, I brought the car to a independent workshop for opinion and was told that my compressor has
  2. Hi all, Would like to check if anybody have experiences similar to mine? My w204 is from the year 2014 and I've been experiencing air con issues such as when the car is parked stationary under sun for long hours (4 hours onwards), the aircon will just blow hot air all the way until about 5-7 minutes (driving or idling). If the car is parked under shelter for long hours, it will take 5 minutes before the cold air comes in. I've sent to cycle and carriage for diagnostic about 3 times now and they give me all sort of reasons like compressor fluid insufficient, just wondering anybody have a s
  3. Hi all, Just recently purchased an Race Chip Ultimate for the FL W204 about 3 weeks old, I am doing an interest check if anybody else might be interested! looking around for $780/- Please kindly drop me an message if keen or questions! Thanks!
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