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  1. Wow I'm very impressed with ur journey~~~~~~~~~
  2. vaxvms


    item still available
  3. i have bad experience with used set..... get liao than go installed ..who knows installer told me pins are incorrect size and no brake pad shoe as usual seller gone MIA not the money but safety important to all our loves one but there are many nice seller in WTS thread,,,just tat i kiam
  4. yes. frd told me abt brake biase as well so far stoptech 6/4 no horse run....price also no horse run but brake balance is there another frd say another optioon is 6/4 pots is RUNSTOP. saw it in bimmer thread. whr is it from? thailand ? but price is not cheap ,maybe dur to nano brake pad used?
  5. 6/4 abit fierce front 6 enough for a start for me actually i comparing JBT to API nearly sign the line but friend told me JBT safer at least if close shop , many bro/sis will kpkb together + many brake pad to choose from
  6. thanks bro. reliable i suppose ?
  7. ocne start mod normally cannot stop bonus mth u can see workshop can smiling their way to the bank
  8. depending on where the sound come if rear, passenger can feel the loud gong gong sound if got budget chg all 4 bearing
  9. ARMA good? many japanese car using JBT but seem only yap brothers have it but i have some reservation with yap brother service anywhere to get JBT?
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