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  1. He didn't specify and I didn't asked. But I suspect must be related to the compressor change....
  2. I have similar problem. At first air-con is blowing smelly air.. my daughter said it smelt sour... It only happened when the car just started and back to normal when car is moving for a while... The other issue I had with the air-con is, it becomes warm when car is idling for 10 minutes or more... The air-con stops functioning although engine is on... Finally, brought it to a workshop. They said compressor is not functioning properly and the seal had deteriorated to give a foul smell..... Replaced everything and now is all good...
  3. What's the brand and make of the wheels ?
  4. My W204 car is due for 60k servicing. Anyone did their 60k at C&C ? From the web, it seems that all the fluid will be changed and it will take 2 days ?
  5. Can show a pic of the Brabus replica front lip ?
  6. Ceramic Brake pads still give dust. On the front wheels, it last about a week and turns dirty. On the back, it lasted much longer. My ceramic brake pads form Goldenlink gives some screeching sound when braking. Quite irritating...
  7. I'm thinking just to swap the pipe to the one in the pics. Couldn't find the original part no. Maybe to get 3rd party...
  8. I had more or less given up on the wipers issues and decided to live with it. I had tried almost everything... Autosol, the white color sponge etc to polish and clean the windscreen..... change original, 3rd parties wipers etc... None work... After a while, the judder comes back! I realized that usually during the initial sweeps, it is smooth but it seems that when the wipers heat up, the judder comes and it happen in the slowest wipe mode, in faster mode, it's not so bad. So normally, when it judder, I just off it for a while or spray some water and it will be OK for a minut
  9. The air intake pipe for the W204 is long, it is connected to the left vent, and goes from left all the way to the right into the air box. I saw those with twin turbo, the pipe on the left is connected to the left vent, whereas the pipe on the right is connected to the right vent. Will there be any advantages if I switched the long pipe with a shorter one and connect it directly to the right vent?
  10. How do you know if the seats is leather or not ? Heard all C180 are not leather seats ? or depending on model and year ?
  11. Please see this thread : http://www.sgmerc.com/topic/20512-a-class-reverse-camera-guide-lines/?hl=%2Breverse+%2Bcamera+%2Blines I did this. It's a 3 colour static lines.
  12. I sprayed some lithium grease behind the brake pads and it went away.
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