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  1. Does anybody know when C&C or PI will launch the 2021 C Class? Anybody has a glimpse or pics of it?
  2. Year 2014 E200 coupe with Harmon Kardon speakers and the left back speaker next to seat is spoilt. Need a speaker to just have no cracking sound as intend to sell car end of year.
  3. I don't have Amorall tire gel but have Amorall protestant for upholstery,.will try to see if it worked
  4. Mileage abt 60k. Will get it check
  5. Recently, I found my car vibrating a lot when I shift gear to "D" but not stepping on the accelerator. In the past, it does vibrate when I changed gear from N to D. Recently, it seems to vibrate a lot in D before I accelerate to move off. What could be the problem and how to fix it? Rgds
  6. Tried all of them but canot do PDR. Must go for spray paint...sigh..Thanks to all for recommending
  7. I had a dent near the door handle. Went to 2 workshops and they said because its near the door handle, they cannot reach there to pop up the dent. Anybody know if its possible to do PDR? Thanks
  8. Bro Beherebehappy, can this fit the front doors of E200 coupe? I am keen. Pls PM the damage.
  9. Direct owner sales and relocating overseas. Immaculate condition and high specs. Interested party please sms owner at 85225885 to discuss. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=522586&DL=1000
  10. I have gone for Goodyear F1. Thanks for all advice.
  11. I was recommended to buy Nitto Invo made in Japan tires. The price are good and i saw many good reviews on the internet. Has anybody tried or any feedback or comments?
  12. Thanks Retief and BabyA. For consignment, its the dealer who will arrange with the buyer for an appropriate time for both buyer and seller to meet and see the car?
  13. That will be another option. Any reputable dealers u can recommend? Thanks alot for the suggestion
  14. Is it easy for a owner to sell a car by himself because of the paperwork involved like paperwork with Finance, LTA, new owner Finance company, transfer of ownership, etc? what is the hassle or amount of work to go through? Bside SG car mart, what other portals have good hit rate and success rates especially direct owners sales?
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