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  1. Get a UK address with your email. that works. I created a Gmail and put Downing Street as address. Works
  2. Similarly to the BMWConnected app liao. Remote connection. I believe if it is a PI car, have to register a UK address then can buy and will then be able to use. I registered Downing street as my address
  3. Thanks bro. Think u will rem me from teh C Class in 2012. Moved on to F10 and on to G30, and now back here...haha.. Will catch up sometime.
  4. New here soon to be owner of glc300 Coupe
  5. I agree too on the difficulty in making decisions in a forum and most times, it is a judgement call in the interest of ALL other normal members. Some have vested interests in putting their points across and 'poison letters'. If a decision has to be made, we have to do it, regardless. That's why MCF is still pretty free of any vile and venom Again, I apologise if there is any misinsinuations on my part as well as my pal, donut and my peace to all here.
  6. ok folks. My bad! Clearly there is a misread and there was biasness FROM hp090909 and din know it was MBM hp referring to or does not matter the TS clearly had an agenda now that I see it Have locked the thread and will watch that clown over at MCF. Thanks and peace to all RadX
  7. the new E certainly looks fresh! Overall, the E is definitely more comfy. To really appreciate you gotta sit behind to understand. The 5series, F10, I own one, has been trouble free since day 1. No issues with the car. It is all a matter of how comfortable you are and do test the cars yourself to get a full objective view. This is truly personal and only you can connect with the car.
  8. er...the horn? looks like do not enter
  9. good....another licence bites the dust...hopefully
  10. i must say, good defensive driving by the mit....perhaps he go strt to temple, church, mosque after this
  11. can smuggle ciggies by placing in those exhos
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