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  1. snsd555

    WTB 280 SLC

    This model? What a beautiful beautiful car. Good luck in your search and please let us know when you do get one.
  2. The higher the range the more adjustability. The B4 should suit your needs just fine. Cheers!
  3. @skywalker23 How much taller do you want to make it? If it's just a couple of inches, any adjustable suspension will be able to do the job. If you looking for a serious lift kit (5" up), i don't think there's anything available for the GLA (i could be mistaken though). You can take a look @Stanford Ho's recent thread on his Blistein suspension, those would be a good option.
  4. @Woof77 Not true. Is your ride a GLB35? Unless you go to 24" wheels or some crazy sizes, it should be fine. What's more important is the offset/width of the rim to ensure it doesn't rub against the fenders. What wheels are you looking at?
  5. @rester "C" button is to go into comfort mode if i'm not wrong. Been awhile since i sold my W204. Can you press the button and see if anything pops up on the screen/dashboard?
  6. DME is the transmission? Sorry not too familiar with BMW. Mercs are generally more reliable i guess, plenty of COE Mercs on the roads but not many BMWs.
  7. I think these only affected the earlier model years, which year is yours? IIRC, cost to fix is about 1-2k if it really goes wrong.
  8. Bro @level z, mind sharing the contact here so other members looking can get help too? Cheers!
  9. Yeap, some used car warranties, need to be serviced at the dealer's appointed workshop to retain the warranty. Plenty of terms and conditions to read through so do take your time to read the fine print. Do let us know when you've made your decision, good luck!
  10. P.S. Mileage tampering is RAMPANT in Singapore. Don't trust the low mileage unless you know the owner. Ask for service records, receipts, etc.
  11. @happyfish123 If you are going for the price to performance ratio, used cars make the most sense. You get a lower depreciation while still enjoying the comforts of a Mercedes-Benz. Of course, the specific car that you purchase is also very important - it could go either way into an utter nightmare and money pit, or you could have a cool Merc for cheap! If there are 2 years left, you could always drive it around and if it's problematic, just scrap when the COE is up. If the car doesn't cost any problem, then you can consider renewing for another 10 years. Most owners when th
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