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  1. Dear SGMerc members, With the increasing popularity of animated GIFs during our daily Whatsapp, Facebook interactions, we have updated the forum software to be able to input GIFs directly from the website. When creating a post, new thread, or reply, simply click on the "GIF" button to select a wide range of GIFs available for your using. Enjoy!
  2. Great consolidated post! Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully the COE comes down in the months to come. I think LTA announced Nov'20-Jan'21 there will be addition COE quota. Good luck guys!
  3. Tried looking online but can't find any that are lifted. You might just be the first one in the world! What kind of off-roading are you looking to do? Found this video of a Russian R-Class messing around in some dirt though, looks like fun lol.
  4. Hi @Yoshi, welcome to SGMerc. The A35 is an excellent choice and this is one of the questions that we get most, whether to buy from C&C or PI. C&C cars are priced higher, you can be rest assured of any recalls being handled, and delivery will be more or less smoother (no risk of the car disappearing). PI cars are cheaper, but might not come with as much options (sometimes more though), and you have to make sure that the PI is an established one. Resale might also take a hit due to it not being an "agent" car. At the end of the day, it boils down to which matters mor
  5. Hi @Angka, please do look for our resident audio site sponsor - Elebest. They will be best able to advise after taking a look at your car. If you find out the workaround solution, please do share here so other members can benefit as well. Max Yao (Elebest) - +65 9733 5000 Btw congrats on your new E200!
  6. Liking the red details on the side mirror. Awesome!
  7. Welcome! Which model did you get?
  8. Some pictures would help. And stock brakes you are looking for are for the W212 E200?
  9. Had the same issue but on my other car, turned out to be a faulty amplifier. Bro @dyeeng is right, get an ICE expert to take a look at it. SGMerc site sponsor @EleBest is a good choice.
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