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  1. @VY1107 You can take a lot at our General servicing folder to see which sponsors you'd like to visit. All of them are pro-Mercedes workshops and will do a good deal for SGMerc members. Good luck! https://www.sgmerc.com/forum/138-general-workshop-modifications/
  2. Any rule of thumb? I recall if the spacer is longer than 20 or 25mm, should go with longer bolts then?
  3. If outside of warranty period, much quicker, easier and cheaper to go to an outside workshop. Did you get a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) done prior to buying the car? Doesn't cost too much but good to buy a peace of mind. Also, if any faults found, you can use it to negotiate on the price of the car further. Good luck! P.S. No A35 should be old enough to have lots of issue, modern mercs are quite reliable.
  4. @Cy choong Any check engine light (CEL)? Could be a variety of reasons, usually a dirty MAF sensor and/or faulty fuel pump. Load matters like you mention, when slowing down or idling the voltage to the pump might drop and cut off, that's why under high load/speed no such issues. If there's a CEL - can go to any workshop to plug in the diagnostic tools to see what the error/fault recorded is. Good luck and please update us here when you find a solution!
  5. That's an excellent price. The cheapest brand new W177 here in Singapore is about 96,000€. Shocking i know. Do you have any pictures of your car?
  6. Is this the rattling noise that you hear on the way back? The video sounds more like squeaking noise. Certainly sounds like the shock absorber is faulty - but could be a wide variety of reasons. Could be shock absorber, lower control bars, bushings, etc. Best to get it checked out by a workshop and they can do the replacement for you, otherwise you can just go to any Mercedes stockist and just purchase the OEM shocks from them. Risk is if after replacing it is not the shocks, then you will have to purchase/change something else. You can find a list of stockist here:
  7. @Robin Heng Best you e-mail them your VIN number for them to check compatibility. Seems much cheaper than getting it locally. Please update here in case other members are looking for this for their cars too.
  8. @Keve If the repairs were done then the faults should have been cleared after. Best to bring to an independent dealer to check it out once more, afterall you are paying a big sum of money for the car. All of the workshops listed in SGMerc Site Sponsor section will have the diagnostic tools to check your car, you can bring over to them to check for a peace of mind - and if any repairs are needed, they will be able to quote you on the spot as well and you can use this to negotiate on pricing with the dealer. https://www.sgmerc.com/forum/138-general-workshop-modifications/
  9. Like boss @kepiting1sg said, @EleBest is your man. There are actually a ton of options - Retrofit newer COMAND system in Adding module for CarPlay / Android Auto Changing headunit etc Best to go down to look for Max and discuss with him.
  10. @Blackenese You can go to @CAS GARAGE if you're located in the East, should be a quick and simple job. Quote SGMerc for special member price. https://www.sgmerc.com/forum/157-cas-garage/
  11. Hi @APH, happy new year to you and congrats on your new car. That does not seem at all normal, definitely something is up. Just for kicks, did you try changing the battery on the key fob yet? Could be a simple and cheap fix. If that doesn't work then have to dig a little deeper. This is certainly the first time i've heard of anything like this.
  12. @John O You can head over to SGMerc site sponsor - Elebest, look for Max Yao +65 9733 5000 (quote "SGMerc" for special member price) They're the #1 merc audio workshop in SG by far, done plenty of work on Mercedes cars already. Be careful not to get poisoned when you go there, you can see some of their works here: https://www.sgmerc.com/forum/72-elebest-pte-ltd/
  13. Welcome @Ivymike, you're from Italy? How much is a W177 over there?
  14. Welcome @Croissantmanic. That's weird since you are the new owner - but i understand the privacy concerns regarding the previous owner cause he might have told you something that was not done and that would create a whole PR situation for C&C. What you could do is reference the owner's manual - and ask them if the major servicing have been done - they should be able to tell you those information right? Good luck and let us know how it gets on! Do you have a picture of your GLA180?
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