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  1. @Slinki When did you last change your transmission oil? That could be a first step to check and that's relatively cheap. Is your reflash reversible? If so, maybe you can put it back to stock and see if the problem still happens. It was only an ECU tune and not TCU tune yeah?
  2. It's definitely *NOT* LTA approved by changing from halogen to HID, however, if it looks OEM enough, the inspectors usually just turn a blind eye or simply do not know. Where are you getting the conversion done? If i'm not wrong, @EleBest has also done many conversions in the past, he might be in a better position to advise. Good luck with your inspection!
  3. Many have been looking for a list of approved exhaust for the newer AMG cars. As far as i know, Akrapovic and the sports exhaust option from AMG are approved. Have you checked with KBS Motorsports to see if Eisenmann, BRABUS, etc are approved? http://www.kbsmotorsports.com.sg/ 6451 5333 Do update us, cheers and enjoy your A35, superb little hot hatch!
  4. Was it because of a leaking hose? Usually when it turns coffee colour means the engine oil has mixed with the coolant. Did they ever find the leak?
  5. Fantastic info @dagger, thanks. I just saw in the SGMerc telegram chat, someone also suggested to look at the log card. The newer models will state "AMG LINE" or something along those lines.
  6. You can try to contact any stockist for a replacement. Seems like the W205 is still pretty new though, sorry to hear. PROPEL AUTO PARTS PTE LTD No. 28, Kranji Road, Singapore 739467 Sales Hotline: 6368 1686 (65) 6367 0886 Let us know how much it costs?
  7. Boss @Stanford Ho which AMG coming next?
  8. @Armani ho You can check with the SGMerc site sponsors located here: https://www.sgmerc.com/forum/138-general-workshop-modifications/ Most (if not all) of them have approved Mercedes diagnostic tools and use original parts. Please share back in this thread once you get a quote because it seems like a common problem?
  9. Mercedes-Benz should give @fergo84 some royalty for this simple fix..
  10. @diablos320 You saw the ad from C&C or through PI? C&C specs are quite standard, if PI, there can be very varied options depending on the PI/car. First and more obvious point of difference would be the AMG styling kit. There should also be AMG parts littered around the cabin.
  11. All SGMerc chats have been consolidated - You can join the SGMerc Telegram group chat @ https://t.me/sgmerc Thanks!
  12. Better fuel economy as well. Definitely the 9G if it's available and within budget!
  13. Good choice! Good luck in your sales.
  14. @andrewng Does this happen in auto or manual mode? Could be low transmission oil level, as when it warms up the oil expands. If it's been awhile, might be good to do a transmission flush/change and see if the problem still happens. Let us know if that fixes it for you? Good luck!
  15. @purple_cat What wheels did you upgrade to?
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