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  1. Can the CLS rear seats be converted to Shooting Brake 3 seater rear seats?
  2. Selling Dr Hannson's Throttle response device and Piggy. Not using it so no point keeping. All for 1K. 92964874.
  3. Maybe have to change windscreen for all functions!
  4. Miura! for the weekend 997 turbo S pdk for daily driver Bug for the dragstrip
  5. I think its just not the head lamps, if you take a closer look at cars with ILS, there is an additional "light sensor" where the rain sensor is. Might be connected to the ILS. Maybe without that function, its still possible.
  6. 1) snsd555 2) keltanky 3) g8crasher 4) Cklasse 5) 9339 6) mem0ry27 7) markcwq 8) yc3333 9) berrie 10) blackmerc 11) kclee99 12) bran 13) Lcohol 14) oreocookie 15) jes 16) E-cab (kudos to forum organizer and site sponsor for the cool event) 17) Odessus 18) oshioyi 19) blacky 20) merczoomer 21) Red Baron
  7. Is it possible to change to the ILS headlamps for FL204? Know its still new but any intricate wirings involve?
  8. I dont think camber is the issue, of course changing more -ve camber will have more wear on the inside of the tire. If your toe is not as recommended factory settings then, might have an issue with drifting to left or right. If not mistaken, roads are not meant to be absolute flat or straight for water disperse to the side. But if a whole bunch of guys having this issue then its most likely manufacturer fault. Also always recommended to align wheels after changing rims or tires/tyres. Just my 10cents.
  9. Have you guys changed your stock brake pads yet? The factory ones gets the rims black within a day! I'm always washing my rims...daily!! Any recommendations for less brake dust pads? Thanks.
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