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  1. Sprint Booster (3 mode adjustable) at $120. Can use on W204 and Pre FL W212. 9 8 5 9 2OO7
  2. Original W204 exhaust with modified twin tail pipe used a few months only previously. Good for those who wish to have a cleaner and fresher muffler from their existing aging ones. Sale @ $150 only . 9 8 5 9 2OO 7
  3. Front and rear brakes ( no brake rotors ) used about a year before upgraded to BBK previously. Good condition except usual brake dust residue on surface. Brake pads still 90% left. Shitable for those who wish to replace their aging W204 brakes for safety aspect. Asking $400 only. 9 8 5 9 2 OO 7
  4. Perhaps you wanna check it out directly with Roy for better understanding and the options available for your liking. He's a nice guy and not pushy.
  5. It's been a while since I last logged in hehe... Nice change ! Refreshing ! Huat ah!
  6. Any loss of power? Kompressor? If yes, try check the connecting host/parts between supercharger and exhaust for pressure leakage.
  7. Used for only my 2 weeks previously. Selling $80 nia. If keen, pls PM for quick deal.
  8. Was on H&R lowering springs. Look nice but they don't work properly with stock shock absorbers. Bottoms out easily over humps. Consider going for coilover instead. Most has height and damping adjustable to your liking.
  9. Personally I went from stock 17 to 18. A year after, I went to 19. Should be max for W204. If you are into look, 19 is best but try choosing light weight rims such as forged type. For practicality and to spend less $$$$, of coz 17 or 18 best.
  10. PP82DSP has built-in amp and DSP and allows full manual TA tuning. Much simpler harness connection. Another good option is that you can also choose to go 2 way active using Stock speakers by just running additional pair speaker cables to the tweeters, of course at some additional cost.If you ask me about MS8 in comparison, I will say that they are of different league and MS8 cannot offer what PP82 can. Price wise I believe not major significant product by product.
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