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  1. Hi, seeking help from all w212 E gurus out there. lately been experiencing a fault from my e250. when start up in the morning and after slight warm up, while putting it into drive gear, the gear box will jerk with a loud clunk. thereafter when trying to accelerate, it seems to be stuck in a lower range gear. Then i would stop by the side of the road and restart the car, everything seem to be normal. That said, i do feel the car feeling bit sluggish. My mechanic asked me to monitor the situation and try to high rev the car in speed Then i notice the car engine start to vibrate when i'm peaking it at 3500 RPM. any one had this kind of problem before? do share remedy
  2. cheap and "willing to wait" option as follow. - buy rear bumper (TAOBAO or Scrap Yard) + Quad pipes (taobao / aliexpress) - Mount one on the existing exhaust tip, Mount the other as fake. Fast and got enough budget option. - can go look at forum sponsor --> Fox exhaust. - probably cut another hole on your bumper or you can just buy from propelparts see if they have spares. regards
  3. Find the price quoted still not favourable for you. It's around there la. worth it or not depends on you. I would probably stay there and watch over my car instead of shopping around. due to rules and regulation, I drop you a PM on my recommendation and overall price.
  4. control arm or shocks link damaged. easy fix ... damage 400 ... probably ...
  5. my w212 had this issue at 84,000 a common flaw in the said m271.
  6. Hey bro, meet with the same problem, any luck on your side ?
  7. Try letting the car sit for a couple more days ? keeping the ride for how many years more ? if keeping long. research and get a coilover ? less headache more smiles.
  8. where is your place... keen with the grill
  9. not sure if the mounting you used are original or OEM ... my mechanic gave me those OEM (more economical) but still gave way about 1.5 yrs of usage. The next thing is the leak with the air pipe underneath the kompressor (common fault for w211) ... it will cause engine warning lights (high octane mixture, lack of air mixture ) your car will kinda have the same vibration. Merc Tranny don't give out too much vibration. commonly, its the engine (straight in-line config) ...
  10. u might want to provide mileage, age of car, model of car ... and yeap usual suspects are the mountings.
  11. able to advise if your car is elegance or avantgarde ??
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