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  1. Other than rear space, what other reasons for changing your CLA in a relatively short time?
  2. My SE also indicated on the purchase agreement that I'd get $500 voucher but instead gave me the backpack with umbrella, key holder, travel wallet. When asked, well, these are the so-called vouchers. Being a gentleman, I didn't want to demean myself as if I was greedy over the vickers. She also sounded as if I was the lucky one to get the nano, service credits, GPS, reverse cam when everyone was getting such goodies. Maybe some Mercedes Benz SEs are rather unprofessional.
  3. The engine is pretty quiet and smooth at the higher gears. Compared to my previous cars, obviously the rides are not really comfortable because the suspension is hard. Think also got to do with the low profile and run-flat tyres. Also noisy if the tyres are going over less than smooth roads, I am now driving more carefully over humps because I don't want my passengers to be lifted off their seats when going over them!
  4. Did anyone of you have problem with the integrated reverse camera and GPS supplied with the car? Mine has a lot of "snowing" on the screen, fidgeting and freezes. Brought car back to C&C yesterday. Their contractor Tomo-CSE claimed to have replaced th faulty equipment but today I got back all these problems and worse...the reverse camera no longer works. Scheduled to return next Monday for a specialist check. Any idea what is the problem?
  5. The point is not really whether is an entry-level Mercedes. If I buy a Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci wallet, surely I don't expect the cutting to be less than perfect. Unless Mercedes Benz can think of a technical reason why they had to design variable gaps along all four doors.
  6. Sorry everybody. I took those pictures with my iPhone and I didn't realised they turned out upside down. My apology. All four doors but the ones in front are visually worse off. It may be an entry level Mercedes but there is no reason why they have designed a big gap alongside each door. Is it a poor design-issue or perhaps the designer wanted this way? Or more likely the door panels were manufactured short of the few cm and Mercedes just went ahead and assemble the cars anyway!
  7. Has any buddy notice the ugly gaps along all the door frames? Mercedes is a luxury brand and these gaps shouldn't be there at all. See photos attached.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I will practice everyday! Got it thrice today.
  9. Collected mine last Thursday. Mountain grey. Interior space upfront is not too back but rear is a little problem with taller passengers. Yeah, ride is not that comfortable - bumpy sort of compared to my ex C180 but overall still acceptable. The Hold Function seems erratic and doesn't always activate. The Parking Assist seem useless to me; I find I park more effectively the old fashion way . Keep posting brother!
  10. Look at this site http://www.mercedescla.org Contains great deal of forum information on the CLA.
  11. Can't afford a CLA45! Probably cost a bomb.
  12. C&C have taken in a lot of orders for the CLA200. New orders will only be fulfilled early next year, I was told. Shall we start a registry of SGMERC members who have ordered their new cars? I will start with mine: Order Date: 1/8/2013 Expected Delivery: Sept/Oct Color: Mountain Grey
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