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  1. Hi. I am looking for genuine RAYS lug nuts & stem valves (red color). I need advise on what specs to use (e.g. 17mm HEX, M12 x 1.25 / M12 1 x 5 / M14 x 1.25 / M14 x 1.5). I understand the lug nuts come in 3 sizes, not sure which one is the one that flushes with rim hole. I am using RAYS G25, 19" rims. My ride is a 2015 CLA250 SB Sport, AMG Line. Can anyone help with the specs and where to buy? Thank you in advance.
  2. Noticed that front number plate is secured with 4 screws at the corners so that won't affect front sensors. The plate is metal type and not those acrylic type. Can this be changed to using those acrylic type slot into those plastic black casing? If can, must the original black case backing that is attached to bumper be removed?
  3. Thank you for your advice. Will act accordingly.
  4. I didn't realise my rear windscreen is "blurred" and does not have the crystal clear vision, until my bro-in-law who bought collected his told me about it. I know there are Huper Optic film on it...but this shouldn't be the case. Whenever I looked at the rear view mirror, the vision is like you are having a plastic windscreen on those aged convertible car (if you know what I'm trying to explain). Even if you turn your head around at driver seat position to see the rear windscreen, you will find that it's blur. Does anyone has this issue?
  5. Mine is the AMG Line. Due to the sports seat design , there's no way to hang those seat hooks to hang bags of grocery. E class has a built-in hook inside the trunk, but not CLA. Anyone has any good suggestions?
  6. USD has strengthen at 1.274...so its about SGD255 excludes shipping if its USD40/pin. Labour is around SGD20. So its still less than SGD300 in total.
  7. The front number plate has 4 screws as they remove the plastic edging to prevent the sensors from beeping. Do you guys have the same so call rectify number plate with the 4 screws?
  8. ya the stock one has no puch even after setting the bass level to the maximum of 10. Now regret. Wondering if now were to upgrade, is it still $2.9k?
  9. Thanks kepiting1sg. A shop quoted me all in at $400+ ...with this steep price, I guess the pins must be original ones
  10. Thanks for your note. But why would it be darkened when entering into basement carpark where there is less light? It makes the vision less clearer
  11. Hi, would appreciate anyone who can advise where can I buy and install the door pins in the East area? Thanks.
  12. Can anyone enlighten me why would the rear view mirrow dims down when entering into basement carpark? The view becomes dimmer. Can this be deactivated?
  13. Yes during signing of contract, was told there will be a welcome pack and the boutique voucher of $500. SE explained this is their internal arrangement/policy and I told her this was not acceptable. She said, this welcome package is meant to be a surprise. This is absurb and from this entire sales cycle, I learnt that this SE thought that all customers are naive and trying to smoke us. Although she has been with Merc for more than a decade, this doesn't mean she can exhibit her "lao jiao" style of salesman ship to "lie" to customers. I told her the welcome package is not a surprise at all, because it's already stated in the sales contract there is a $500 voucher. If Merc were to give the customer a gift that is never mentioned verbally or contractually on the day of collection, this is a SURPRISE. During the handing over process, she even said I'm "lucky" to receive the nano treatment for my car as this is a last minute thrown in thing. Again she's telling lie...in my contract, its stated nano treatment is provided. She also said that my car has GPS and not everyone has it? Can anyone comment on this GPS feature? This SE will be banned from my list, no way she will get any sale or referral from me in future. Do you guys have any recommendation for a profressional SE?
  14. Thanks for the comments. Will pursue to the higher management. FYI, my friend collected his car from the car park...so before I collect mine, I ask the SE where will I be collecting my car and she said will be from the delivery bay at their show room. To me, it's a mockery for Merc to hand over their car to client at the car park. Please check with your SE before two weeks of collection.
  15. Mine is the AMG Line. Due to the sports seat design , there's no way to hang those seat hooks to hang bags of grocery. E class has a built-in hook inside the trunk, but not CLA. Anyone has any good suggestion?
  16. Collected my car today. Sales contract mentioned there's a $500 boutique voucher but were given a backpack bag with an umbrella, IU cover and parking coupon holder in it. When asked where's my voucher, SE said these are the items redeemed. Felt so cheated and shortchanged! I'm totally pissed off with such service coming out from Mercedes. My next Merc upgrade will never go to this SE by the name of Jacqueline Ho. She's not customer oriented, no sales acumen and tells lie without a blink. Worse than Japanese car SE!
  17. I was informed as next year.
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