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  1. My battery just died Cost me $581 to change it But this replacement battery lasted me 2.5 years Even the service guy was shocked it lasted so long
  2. Can pay for C&C to" adopt " the car but not cheap Can ask your PI if they can upgrade software for you or not
  3. Go and complain and they will check if your car has the latest software I had a bad experience once - the whole car just lost the ability to shift gears suddenly From 1st will jump to 3rd and then stuck there plus no reverse gear Called for a tow but when the truck came, the car was back to normal That's when they did the software upgrade for me
  4. Mine went away after a software upgrade Previously, the downshift was quite abrupt and can hear the clunk sound even from 2nd to 1st
  5. After 4500km, my onboard computer shows 8L/100KM During my last top-up, I got around 7L/100KM on 45L of fuel During expressway driving, my lowest FC was 4.9L/100KM
  6. Nope, don't have this issue Also depends on your previous car hahah
  7. Yup, at least my SE was very upfront in telling me what I will be getting...hahah I had the usual welcome pack, S$3k of service credits + S$500 of vouchers (I can't remember), local reverse cam, nano package (2 visits) but no GPS as I didn't want it
  8. I think we are refering to the sensor going off when there's no obstacle near it at all...hahah Not the auto parking
  9. It's more noticeable when I just start to drive the car and while it does improve slightly over time, it doesn't go away... Does anyone else have this issue? Don't have this issue with my previous C200K nor the courtesy car C200CGI
  10. My car is currently in the workshop to isolate that rattle plus the harsh downshifting issue... It's been there since Mon and I still don't have a confirmed date when i can get it back
  11. No worries hahah Used to pump only 98 for my C200 but have switched to 95 for nearly a year without any problem Probably KS on the part of C&C bah although it's debatable if they should get owners to sign the waiver...
  12. Just thought I start this thread to share some of the issues (known or otherwise) I have encountered since collecting my car some 3 weeks ago... 1. Parktronic sensor (front is especially buggy) Comment: Went back to C&C to have it looked at and supposdly rectified - still comes on intermittently (especially the left side) 2. Dashboard rattle Comment: Highlighted it to them but still no fix 3. Clunk sound when rolling to a stop as the car downshifts to 2nd gear Comment: Getting a bit irritating and not becoming of a premium car
  13. What's your current ride? Hahah Definitely not as smooth as my C200 - quite rough and the gear changes (especially the downshift when rolling to a stop) are quite abrupt But very chio - some compromise is needed bah...hahah
  14. You may need to check on whether our 95 here meets the requirement I have no idea...paiseh
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