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  1. i was told by a aircon expert that the newer aircon system does not use clutch system to engage the aircon when you turn on the aircon switch. Newer aircon systems goes by pressure,ie, once you on the aircon, there is a pressure pump inside the aircon compressor that activate the gas to flow. If the pressure pump is no longer as efficient, it will take a longer time to build up pressure in the system and this will delay the aircon 's function. I was driving a c class and was told the pressure pump can be replaced at about $250.00 hope this helps.
  2. Looking for A250, C180 AMG line C&C. Sunroof if possible. Please pm if you have one to sell. Thx. LZ
  3. the mod is saying you should post some pictures of the rim you wanna sell here, so it can improve your chance of selling it as people can visual the look of the rim.
  4. hi sir do you mind to state the width and offset of the rim ? thx.
  5. you will be remembered Dr Jimmy Tang ! Rest in peace.
  6. My problem became worst like when i don' t drive for more than one day, when i turn on the aircon, it does not work. I had to on & off a few time before the air con turns on. Was told the expansion valve is intermittent/sticky causing the air-con not to cut in. Air con compressor replaced. So far ok !
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