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  1. USED Bridgestone Potenza S001 18 inch 2 x 225/45/R18 2 x 245/40/R18 All tires installed on car since new, clocked 17 000 km so far. Genuine mileage or money back. Asking price for TIRES ONLY. Cash & carry at Leong Seng, NO install or balance. $230.00 review here if you keen to read https://alltyretests.com/bridgestone-potenza-s001-test-review/ consider going 19 inch sale. Thanks,
  2. C180, 7G, turbo, 2013. This was discovered when my cylinder were not firing properly and found the fault to be one of the spark plugs. the ECU also captured pinging in the fault code occasional but NO check light during the ecu scan. My workshop advised me to pump 98 once in a while.
  3. Hi bro snsd555, here goes. His name is Ah Weng, mobile 9435 7824. His workshop is located at Block 3021A Ubi Road, i forgot the unit number, corner unit. Maybe can ask him for those interested. Hope this can help anyone who need a aircon fix or opinion. regards lz
  4. the best way is to get the mechanic do a voltage check with a voltage meter, that is the surest way.
  5. The steering was removed from my C180 W204 facelift 7G turbo. Good condition, lightly used as you can see from the pic the leather is not shiny and worn. View to verify the condition. As shown with airbag. All lighting works on the control button at night unlike other retrofit type steering wheel. suitable for C class or E class.
  6. i was told by a aircon expert that the newer aircon system does not use clutch system to engage the aircon when you turn on the aircon switch. Newer aircon systems goes by pressure,ie, once you on the aircon, there is a pressure pump inside the aircon compressor that activate the gas to flow. If the pressure pump is no longer as efficient, it will take a longer time to build up pressure in the system and this will delay the aircon 's function. I was driving a c class and was told the pressure pump can be replaced at about $250.00 hope this helps.
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