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  1. Hi, I have W203 wiper to let go. Any one interested please pm me. Thanks KoH
  2. Does any know where i can buy pentagon hollow allen wrench sets? Thanks Got it from ebay.
  3. I had check with Propel and they quoted me for front hood support shock strut $80 each more expensive compare for new one I can buy @ $58 each. Feel that one must do homework first by finding out the price new and old. Thanks
  4. Just extended my COE for 10 years. Looking for the following second parts. I had checked with spare parts shop for the price of new one but would like to compare them with second hand one must be in good conditions. 1. Left side door mirror electrical (without mirror and casing) 2. steering wheel buttons right side only 3. front hood support shock strut 4. rightside door handle inside. Thanks
  5. I notice that CLA from C and C are made in Hungary and PI made in Germany. Just wonder is there a difference in quality?
  6. Autobacs LED bulbs cannot use. So buy normal type at $2 each. Thanks
  7. Need to replace bulb for number plate. Thinking of replace it with LED anyone know where I can get it?
  8. It only come with repair kit and a pump. So no spare.
  9. I too need one as spare please let me have the contact Thanks
  10. Ya, before they goes tubeless, all car tyres had inner tubes. I used to drive those with inner tube. I had tried when my previous car had the same problem with yours. It may not be very popuplar now.
  11. Have you try to install inner tube for tires?
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