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  1. I'll try it out tonight, have given Gregory my chassis number today. Thanks so much again
  2. Will do, thanks, have a happy and healthy 2015
  3. Hi all, Need your advise/help... I'm driving a E200K, W211, year 2008. The back-light just died all of a sudden, all other lights are ok. Sent to mechanic, tested battery & fuse, all ok, removed the panel, can't detect problem, they also scratch their heads. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much.
  4. rlim1969


    Wow, great idea, will do it next week (hope they don't throw me out of their shop), thanks for the good tip
  5. Hi, It has been 1 yr 6 months and the adapter is working fine (glad to report). Question - I now have the budget (after many months of bread and water only) to install a head unit over the factory fitted one. I just need (i) built in GPS, can be updated type, (ii) hook up to my existing rear camera, and (iii) able to connect to USB drive (to play mp3 files), and controllable by the steering wheel buttons. No other functions needed. Any recommendation? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry if it's a redundant question, can use on a W211, 2008 model? Many thanks.
  7. 98005641. Collect @ Blk 288A Jurong East St. 21 or Chinese Garden MRT's taxi stand, thanks.
  8. Thanks, unfortunately with the drastic drop in gold price, I'm looking at paper loss of more than $10K
  9. The 7% GST is levied on bars that are not on the LBMA list, nothing to do with workmanship.
  10. Posting on behalf of my friend who bought it at a much higher price, also he told me some of the designs he has to pay 7% GST, it's a free market, willing buyer willing seller, no obligation at all, thanks.
  11. Box still sealed. No Camera. Good for those in the army, or for domestic helpers, have more than 10 sets. http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_e1080t-2941.php# Blk 288A Jurong East Street 21 or Chinese Garden MRT's taxi stand. Contact 98005641, thanks.
  12. Selling each 1oz bar at $33 nett, include the protective case. Apmex Johnson Matthey Kitco Rand Scottsdale Sunshine Collect @ Blk 288A Jurong East St. 21 or Chinese Garden MRT's taxi stand, thanks. 98005641.
  13. Hi, any members selling? I'm having the original 17" rims, tyre size 245/45R17. Stamford Tyres quoted Continental Tyres @ $360 x 4 = $1,440 (include installation). I'm looking at more reasonable pricing, tyres preferred the quiet/silent type, inclusive of complete installation/alignment/balancing. Thanks a lot.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, it's too bad then I can't install it cause E200K does not have a audio 3.5mm cable in the glove compartment :(
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