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  1. That's SUV style I guess.... Need to accommodate that longer suspension travel for the minor off roading capability of the 4matic. AMG sports suspension (non-airmatic) is 10mm lower and firmer than stock standard GLC suspension. Not much visually but does make a difference in terms of reduced wallow and lean in corners and fast change in direction.
  2. Lol, not me.... Is your ride already on amg line sports suspension?
  3. Nope, not me. That car in the picture looks like a black/dark blue, PI (non-ILS), full GLC63 kit, calipers unpainted. Rims does look the same though lol The thing about it is, for C&C AMG line, it already comes with sports lowered (10mm) suspension. Not sure if PI's AMG line has the sports suspension? If not maybe it is worth the change. The only other sports suspension is the AMG SPORTS airmatic suspension.... Which should be crazy pricing to mod.... Shld be north of 10k. Maybe I am wrong... There could be another sports suspension in the AMG series.
  4. It comes with a plastic dummy camera like piece. Just don't remove it during installation if your's don't come with camera.
  5. http://【奔驰新C200L GLC260 200 300 E200L E300L改装满天星 GTR大标中网】https://m.tb.cn/h.3lp0uSb?sm=a6e43b 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或復·制这段描述¥pdZSbQIVKSm¥后到淘♂寳♀ Cheers!
  6. Yes unless you stick with original AMG staggered rims for GLC43/63, almost impossible to find a set with the exact offset such that the rear sits almost flushed with the fender. Nope, no plan for that. Happy with the SUV height. Good for roads up North.
  7. Erm...did not ask... Probably in the invoice... But i have a 25mm spacer in the rear too...
  8. No issues with the spacers and wheels set up. In fact, I kept the spacers when I upgraded to 20" staggered rims to bring the rear wheels even more flushed with the widened fenders. H&R spacers can be bought from ebay. Look for seller from Germany.
  9. When I thought I was done.... Added a splash of colour...
  10. Selling lol. Listed on carousell and sgmerc. Pm me if interested.
  11. Which car model is your amg grill for? Technically they are quite interchangeable across the recent merc models range.
  12. *SOLD* Brand new aftermarket Distronic-Style mirror finish 2D Mercedes front grill star. Confirm fit X253 (GLC) and W205 (C) front grills original or aftermarket. Most likely can fit other recent Mercedes models but please do your own research. Special version with high gloss black ring. $60 cash and carry. Buddle purchase with front grill for better deal.
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