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  1. Just an update, most of the creaking noise come from the inner door seal rubbing against the door window plastic portion below the door rubber seal. I tested it by sticking those cheap felt stickers on the door plastic to try and it really works. But it is damn ugly. As the inner door seal is already flatten as a few years, i did those window seal insert work by inserting a foam tube into the door seal. So far it works, and no more creaking sound. It is much cheaper than changing door seals which are almost 200 each. There is another brand in market call Drartex red wing which is more ex. Ho
  2. You need to go back to the workshop that fit your bumper. They should install back all front sensors back when they replaced it.
  3. Each of them got their own style and way of doing biz. Suggest you talk to both Alvin (MT) and Benny (Dyno) and decide on your own budget and comfort level. There are always fan clubs and oppositions to any of them for various good/bad reason. There are not only these 2 tuners, you can do your own research as there are quite a few other in Spore that can do Merc tuning. Is always driver personal comfort level and choice. It is like choosing which doc you are more comfortable with to operate on you.
  4. I spoke to my workshop, he claimed that putting PPS film along some part of the area where the chassis meet the door will eliminate the sound rather then spend money buy all 4 doors seals . Asked him to get some PPS and i will go try. I will update you guys if it is effective
  5. Sigh, my w205 have the same issue which i think is common across all w205 c class. I wonder if anyone had replace the rubber seal before to see any diff.
  6. I had done it at Monster Tune and Dynotechnica for my previous w204 kompressor. Now alot of tuner can do.
  7. cla250 is a 2.0 engine with 207 bhp vs a cla180 1.6 122 bhp. Not very possible without massive mod and investment
  8. Original timing cam is about a couple of k including install. There are cheap china made without heat treatment type that cost a few hundreds but it wont last.
  9. Hmmm suddenly so many 1st timer posting on this topic
  10. If it is a Loud rattling sound, you may want to check your timing cam. Is a normal issue for kompressor
  11. Better pay a bit more to reputable body kit shop that is able to provide good fitment and painting. Just had a very bad and nightmarish experience with a Carousell seller who promised quality assurance with good fitment and paint work but did such a poor job that my car is ruined and I need to pay and go elsewhere to redo everything with more down time
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