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  1. The factory installed reverse camera with a tiny external LCD screen installed by C&C is ugly and useless. Anybody had it replaced to integrate it with their built in Audio 20 screen in their W204 FL? Will this kit alone work? https://bit.ly/3zf4qsP Thanks Guys!
  2. HI, I am looking to upgrade my NTG4.5 System in my W204FL. I am not in favour of the current trend of a 10.25" Android based unit as i find it distracting to drive with such a big screen sticking out. I cam across the following upgrade kits and not sure if it works: https://bit.ly/3yXmzLi https://bit.ly/34ELs0E All i wanna do is to use bluetooth to connect to the onboard system to make/answer calls, stream spotify, connect my reverse camera and added DSP would be a bonus. Anybody here had any experience? or any good suggestions?
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