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  1. Hi, This is a world wide known issue. The same happened to my 2012 SLK250. I had to fight with Mercedes and the dealer here in Australia to get it replaced under warranty. I don’t know about American consumer law but here if a product is not fit for purpose or fails in an unreasonable time in relation to it’s cost and expected life then it must be repaired at the manufactures cost regardless of whether or not you are the original owner. In Europe there was a recall issued to replace these roofs. I would make enquires as to your legal rights as this is clearly fault in product or manufacture.
  2. Good evening all, Just joined this group. Hoping for any advice on how to turn on the haptic lines on the Factory reversing camera in my son’s C250 Wagon W204. Have checked the service menu and the guide lines are set to moveable, however they don't appear on the screen. Any suggestions happily recieve. kind regards Steve Warren Australia.
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