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  1. Spent $1.3k to replace the electric steering lock There are cheaper options, such as to simply disable / bypass the electric steering lock mechanism Yeah, very fun to drive car.. If I didn't remember wrongly, coming down from Genting can beat that 4.9l / 100km readings
  2. anyone able to find the buttons on taobao? Those I saw are all stickers..
  3. after using this product, will the rain water 'stick' to your windscreen instead of forming water droplets?
  4. can try aircon flushing. happened to my w204 last time.. very irritating once you hear the hissing sound.. in the end did a flushing and the hissing is gone.
  5. been using for W204 for 1.5 year.. so far so good , can't feel any difference in acceleration. K&N advertised as can last lots of miles before requiring a cleaning.. so far have yet to clean / oil it before
  6. What do you mean by 'dead' mode? Nothing on the audio screen? engine stall? Is it all indicators take turn to light up and rotate among themselves? such as 'release footbrake', 'check coolant level', 'ABS and ESP unavailable', etc.. all light up and take turn to be displayed on the dashboard?
  7. been using racechip ultimate for years on W204.. still enjoying it.. fuel consumption reduced too
  8. what ride did you install this on and reason for sale? suitable for all models with turbo engine?
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