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  1. No, that's not the case. My phone is at home with me. The car is with my wife at her office. But I can use my phone at home to see the car status.
  2. I always wonder how come the "Mercedes me" app can always provide real time update of my car status even there is no telco signal in the car? Anyone know how they do it?
  3. I just got my new car with the MBUX that is able to work with connected device for Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay. If I don't want to use my Andriod phone to connect to MBUX for Andriod Auto, anyone knows if there are any devices that I can use to connect to the MBUX to get the Andriod Auto working (for Google Map function)?
  4. I have read some where you need to some how let the app detect that you are a UK buyer and not SG buyer. So your phone is set in such a way that it is being identified as in UK, something like that. Alternatively you have to ask your PI to get the seller in UK to help you register.
  5. I am not sure if I have ME adaptor... you mean a hardware or software? My Mercedes Me works well on my phone to show the status of my car. My question is how that real time signal is being transmitted to my ME app on my phone when I am away from the car?
  6. the thing I puzzle is from the Mercedes Me we can see the status of the vehicle, how is the signal transmit to our app? the car comes with GPS signal or what signal to transmit the data?
  7. LOL... they are making up the story only for you, no cost involves. What you need to do is to get the Mercedes Me on UK site and pretend you are a UK buyer then the system allow you to register. I got my new GLA from C&C, everything work seamlessly.
  8. Should there me a new thread for the new GLA model that was launched late last year?
  9. this has got to do with the car is imported from UK. Why didn't you ask the PI for help?
  10. Thank you for responding... I am using the cable that comes with the car so it is the original Mercedes provided with the car. This cable works well with another Samsung Andriod phone so I do not suspect is the cable problem. As for the AA, my understand is that unless you are running a very old version of Andriod OS then you need to download the AA? is AA necessary for every phone?
  11. I just got my new GLA180 (new model) from CnC. Trying to connect the MBUX to Apple and Andriod. It works on my apple phone and can get the map out. Also works on my wife's Samsung Andriod phone to bring up the Andriod Play. But it fails to connect to my Mi 10 phone as error on MBUX shows: Your Connected Device Does Not Support Andriod Auto. Anyone has the similar problem or know how to get around this?
  12. Hi,

    my new GLA is coming this month (the new model) and would like to join the GLA chat group.


    Thank you!

    1. rickosw


      kindly send over a selfie of yourself holding the GLA car key infront of your GLA

    2. rickosw


      rick 91289899 - telegram

  13. would like to join this GLA group. I am getting the new model GLA to be delivered next month.
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