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  1. Tks for the guidance! Yes the bumper lights are not foglights per se, they are led. Shall call them headlight drls & bumper drls. If u see the pic below, my headlight drls (circled blue) are on, but the bumper drls (circled green) are not. And ive tried all options on the light switch to no avail, can only get headlight drls on but not bumper drls. The manual also doesnt say anything about the bumper drls as well.
  2. Ermm not the DRL leh, cos DRL is on, but the bottom one does not light up. Tried all settings in the light switches but none turns the bottom lights on. Have seen others on the road whom have on it. But manual doesn't talk about it, neither does anywhere on the net or youtube, at a loss!
  3. Hi to all gurus here, Sorry to ask a really noob qn. Anybody know how to turn on the front fog light for W166 ML400? (See circled area below) Tks in advance!
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