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  1. XiaoYing_Video_1604343783535.mp4 VID_506581117_122142_757.mp4 XiaoYing_Video_1604343783535.mp4 VID_506581117_122142_757.mp4 Merc C200 Contvertible, the car you see on the roads and if you know, you will say it in your heart or just shout out, "@teojimmy !" Followed by taking out ya phone snap a photo and put in groupchats, caption: "Spotted!" Haha, yes a car you can not miss. A fully wrapped design inspired by the Movie, Fast and Furious. Uh-hum... how to miss? So with limited time, limited videoing experience & editing... His exhaust sounded so sexy, I have to record, it is stalk and is Kufatec. You can change modes of sounds! Was too rush, otherwise the sound will be better heard in a confined area! Nice still, just on your speaker louder. Lol! A quickie done, presenting The Merc C200 Convertible. Thank you bro, @teojimmy for giving us your support. Hope you like our service and we should catch up together! With @_joeybe ! Take care for now and send some kisses to the twins.
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