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  1. The blood transfussion u mentioned got to be careful. Just nice my car got issue on day of collection so i went down to the dealer workshop where the warranty is given. Nothing to do so talk to the staff....apparently they void the warranty if u do it outside sia. so got to check with the dealer workshop (not dealer coz dealer everything also ok before selling).
  2. There is a this button next to the command knob that states "C" Abit unsure on what it is and cannot find it in my instruction manual. Googled around and only found C/S but i am guessing it is not that as i have another button for E/S (economy/sport) already. can any sifus here guide me on what the heck it is for?
  3. sorry another thing that just hit me. warranty....good and bad....ggood because u get peace of mind....well at least on the gearbox n engine...bad because u r tied to the workshop that give the warranty. my suspension issue = they charge double of what the market charges for oem parts...heck i can get original parts at a lower price...so i did not change lucky the sound recently went off only comes on once in awhile. got to endure to warranty over. The whirling sound...they found the problem and covered under warranty but say what part need to order and wait 3 week...nei nei outsid
  4. o ya a add on...keys! double check with dealer make sure u get 2 keys. the newer benz keys especially PI is dam ex. My dealer only let me know that they have 1 key on the day of delivery! lucky mine is older benz cost me about $350 to make a spare but the newer ones i heard cost $1k-2k plus especially if PI car.
  5. Hi, personally i just got a 2nd hand old merc. i just ended up getting a coe renewed car instead of a 2-3 year balance because i dint want to hedge on the coe price in 3 years time. to me it is pretty ok now..wish it was lower but least it is not on the high side. was thinking get 2-3 year balance at first than if a lot of issue just tahan drive and than scrap (depri i think around 13-15k) but than i realize if really a lot of issue i would spend a lot of money to repair so after that i also wont scrap =x anyway here is my own car buying experience. 1) low mileage can be f
  6. FYI: i got a spare key done at $340 from newton key at turf club. OEM. For w212 pre face lift model. According to the guy that did my keys the post face lift if PI car is gonna be very very very ex. If CnC car cheaper than PI thou not as low as the $340 i got it done for.
  7. Just starting a thread for peeps like myself that have gotten a coe renew car of any merc model. Just so that we can share our own experience from the dealer to the repair work needed and even the workshop and price they did it at. Doing this because i think there is really quite a few such buyers recently due to the relatively low COE. So far my search on this forum has a few spares result such as: 1) service workshop recommandation 2) Car key replacement for those whom have one key nia: 3) stockist contact Trying to find a few other details with no luck so far su
  8. i just got a 2011 w212 and was considering the 523 a lot before. beemer is definately much quieter but the interior of the w212 is really much more comfortable. seat space, cushion etc. i wanted the 523 but my wife insist on the w212 (after trying the car she say she likes the interior comfy....before we both did not even consider the w212 as i hate the taxi feel and she doesnt like merc design overall but still after a test drive she insist on w212 and says that she hates the comfort lvl as a passenger of the 523) still if on noise ya...w212 really not too my liking. really sound
  9. just to check does your w212 have a loud helioptor like whirling noise when u drive above 90km/h? i just got mine from dealer. Both their workshop and my workshop check say car no issue. Dealer says it is normal for cgi engine. but it is kinda irritating to me. funny thing is the noise seems to be coming from the back so not sure if it is alignment issue.
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