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  1. Yeah i saw this too! I have a farm in Malaysia and it is situated off the grid. So the roads are not tarred up. Still soil based so it gets muddy and slippery at times. Intend to raise the vehicle so that I can avoid damaging the undercarriage etc. Would be good if there are some good springs and AT tyres to fit in it. Haha.
  2. Yeah. Which is why i posted the question if lifting the car would be possible. 😅 I dont want the undercarriage to be damaged but still want it to function for my usage. Seen any lifted before?
  3. Well it is not but ive seen some being used to go light off roading. I am running a farm so some light off road use here.
  4. Hi guys. Im new here. I have a 2010 Mercedes R350L. I intend to use this for some light off roading. Can recommend how i can get the car lifted/get off road tyres for this? Thank you!
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