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  1. thank you for this initiative. i believe there are many new drivers like us who bought a renewed COE merc (especially the C180). been seeing too many of them on the road.
  2. i have read through this thread and it seems like some workshops are not made public. forgive me if it sounds repetitive. just got myself a 2009 C180K. given that it’s an old car, i feel there is a need to change a lot of things. please do recommend a workshop that you can vouch for for the things i would like to change below: KEYS: - where to duplicate? TYRES: - any recommended model and brand - type of driving: turtle driver here (100kmh) with occasional road rage if someone hogs the first lane. BULBS: - what’s the model? H7? Ph
  3. apologies to revive a dead thread. similar to thread starter, i just got myself a 2009 C180K and i do have my fair share of concerns. you did mention to get a reliable workshop. given your experience and your multitude of previous MB rides, which workshop do you go to often? looking forward to the recommendations.
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