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  1. MERCEDES BENZ / E 250CGI COUPE Servicing completed: Engine Oil, Oil filter and 30 point checked! Give us a call at 98891135/90901222 for enquiry
  2. PERFECTO FLUSH "The Meaning of Clean" Have you ever had a thorough cleansing of for your vehicle's engine pipe, pump & injector, etc from the day you purchased your car? Never thought of it? Have you imagined how dirty those "unseen" areas are? Let us show you and "vomit". Do you know that a complete cleaning helps with: - Smoother engines - Better drive - Better fuel consumption - Reduces engine noise and vibration - Restore power and produce best performance - Restores seals & rubber component - Safely removes varnish deposits We are
  3. MERCEDES BENZ CLS 350 Servicing completed: Engine Oil, aircon filter, air filter, oil filter Give us a call at 98891135 for enquiry
  4. Servicing completed: Liqui Moly engine oil Original Oil Filter 30 point checked Give us a call at 98891135 for enquiry
  5. CLA came in for CEL (Check Engine Light), Changed Thermostat and Oil Filter Housing. And of course, a car wash wipe down after the hard work! Give us a call at 98891135 for enquiry
  6. Sleek and Clean Matt Silver CLA Came in for CEL (Check Engine Light) - Cleared error code due to history errors (Thermostat) Give us a call at 98891135 for enquiry
  7. *only valid for owner with SGMerc decals *Call and book slots quoting "SGMerc" to enjoy this promo. Cheers, Joey 98891135 / 90901222
  8. What are strut bars? A strut bar, strut brace, or strut tower brace is an automotive suspension accessory on a monocoque or unibody chassis to provide extra stiffness between the strut towers. Do strut bars really make a difference? Strut tower bars lower the lateral G-force a car can achieve. However, they do improve handling by reducing body roll. This makes the car more stable, and predictable. As mentioned earlier you may also notice the car is more responsive to steering input do to quicker "turn in". Do rear strut bars help? Connecting the front whee
  9. Give us a call at 9889 1135 to find out more!
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