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  1. hello, i got my E200 recently and realise that the naviagtion is not supported through voice command in Singapore. is there a workaround? Besides, the album artwork is not displaying from both spotify and youtube music. it somehow only supports song in usb that does have album artwork. thanks.
  2. Got my car today. The audio is really bad regardless of how I set the equalizer. Will it help by replacing the speaker? Or I will have to live with it?
  3. thanks for the detailed information. the car do come with the SD card map for navigation and you are right, Google maps & Waze are definitely better. the gracenote function will be interesting. i am currently using youtube music premium not sure whether the album etc information will be shown. sad audio 20 does not come with android auto. i am hoping it does support mirrorlink so that i can display my phone screen to the display.
  4. Ya once I get the car may need to pay the workshop a visit and confirm if will not good warranty with c&c
  5. Yes only E300 come with mobile integration. Cannot understand so expensive car don't even have the basic features. Anyway can help to check whether it's mirror link available? If so I can mirror my android screen to the dashboard wirelessly. Thanks
  6. Yes new E200 from c&c. Their OT is so attractive that I cannot refuse even though I know the new model coming next year.
  7. Ok, i feel that e200 default sound system not that good.
  8. Getting my ride in Oct. Possible to change the setting system without voiding the warranty from c&c
  9. Hi, Getting my new ride in Oct. Wondering if anyone manage to get Android auto on the head unit for E200? Only E300 for default
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