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  1. thanks very much for the advise and feed-back. Will check out some paint shops and decide what route to take after discussing with them.
  2. Thanks for the feed-back and level of detail guys it is helpful indeed. You also confirmed what I thought of C&C follow up. I was not talking about the highly machined surfaces as you mention as they are in great condition and that is my point, I don't need a full refurb. What I am referring to, is the painted inserts. The colour is called "Titanium/Himalaya Grey" and this is the only part I need re painting so the machined face finish I don't need to touch but there in lies the problem, can anyone do this to a high level in Singapore? I was told to try YSR Rims https://www.fac
  3. Hey Everyone! I am brand new on SG Merc and looking for some advise. I want to get my wheels re painted to a very high quality. The rims don't need a full refurb as they are in great condition but the paint inserts are dull, there are some small tiny scratches and they have lost their gloss on paintwork. (See profile pic) So I want a high quality wheel re paint. Does anyone know of a super high quality firm that will make it look OEM? I may plan to just go to C&C and have them do it but I know they will just outsource it and send to a third party paint shop and charge me fo
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