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  1. Thanks! By replacing the shocks and all related components (top mount, stopper, ball bearing etc) i have completely eliminated all 3 issues. OEM parts except the ball bearing which is original MB, cost in total ~$1.3k including install and alignment. Now only the springs, upper and lower control arms are not yet renewed, not doing anything to them yet since there are no more issues and replacing them costs another big bomb.
  2. There are two FL types - Kompressor (with 5G) and CGI (with 7G) I would suggest you get the CGI FL model, I'm having one of these since 2012 (first owner). From my perspective, i didn't face major issues for past 7 years - only usual change of brake pads / rotors twice (normal wear and tear), stabilizer links (found to be split) and the thermostat housing (refer to here) I do have some knocking sounds on uneven roads, which i'm planning a change of suspension (refer to here). The suspension has been original for 7 years which a well known workshop told me it's very good already.
  3. Hi All, After solving the thermostat issue few months ago, now I notice few more issues on my W204FL 1.6 CGI. Probably due to the age (just past 7 years) and mileage (slightly over 120000km) 1. Single knock sound when reversing + turning steering wheel full lock. Saw a post in forum - maybe the control arms 2. Shocks are noisy over hump. This seems straightforward, I'm planning to replace it with Bilstein B4 (OEM). 3. Knocking sounds when going low speed over uneven surfaces. This can be concrete hump, or simply any road that is not smooth. #3 is really annoying as
  4. Hi, for your replacement, was it both the upper and lower control arms on left and right? Someone told me there are 4 control arms in front. And i experience the same problem as you. Thanks in advance!
  5. Update - did the thermostat housing and coolant change together, since removing the thermostat housing also causes quite a spillage of the coolant. And removing the thermostat was quite a chore... saw the mechanic having to remove the air filter box and manifold before getting to the thermostat housing. The cost with labour was ten blue notes with a small change. Now the temperature gauge reads 90 deg C - no more 80. I'm happy now... I planned a road trip to KL in Aug, hope no more CEL during the long drive. If I don't post again, it's good news. Cheers all.
  6. Thanks! the error code is P0128 - guess i hit a “known” problem as Google threw up multiple hits. Will plan a change of thermostat housing along with the coolant since it’s due for major service. Update back later.
  7. Hi guys, My beloved 2012 C180 is reaching 120,000km mileage. So far no big issues except for CEL in March when I was driving back to Singapore along NSH. I made a detour to Malacca (MBSA) to check the error, they found a coolant fault which may resolve with a software update. They cleared the light and asked me to follow up with C&C. Then I took no action since the major service is almost due anyway, and the CEL didn't appear again with driving in Singapore. I also observed that the temperature gauge on my dashboard has been unusually hovering lower at 80 degrees C ev
  8. Finally changed out 2x engine and 1x GB mounting last week on my 7G. the middle section of the engine mounts is completely sunk in, refer to picture. Symptom is vibration on the steering wheel. When the aircon is turned on, the vibration is stronger.
  9. Got CSC5 for $155/pc, with complimentary nitrogen gas. Alignment $60. Interested guys can PM me for shop name.
  10. Can ask where you guys did your change of mounting? Contemplating a change, my mileage is close to 80k now. C&C quoted me $1000 during service clinic.
  11. Hi bro, my W204 7G is approaching 28 months, C&C will likely ask me to change out the stock batt during the 60k servicing. No issues on cranking so far. Need your advice if this AGM tech battery is only available on Varta? It is interesting to note the stock battery installed in my ride is a Varta 80AH model. There is a label "VRLA / AGM" on the battery, so I think I'd better do some homework on this. Thanks
  12. Any bros recently did an install of these replicas? Wondering if the recent shipments are RHD, appreciate if any bros can feedback.
  13. Is the capacity more than 10,000mAH? My opinion, it takes 6-8 hours to charge such batteries from a normal iphone charger. It may be a case of the battery losing more charge than it can be recharged.
  14. Practised the hold function, now able to make it hold by braking normally, then a quick and deeper pump of the brake.
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