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  1. Has anyone put spacers on their wheels? I've never used spacers before and would appreciate some first hand accounts on the good and bad before I make a decision.
  2. Hello friends, I recently wanted to sell my Mercedes-Benz w205 and want to buy a BMW mini cooper s, but the buyer didn’t want the wheel spacers, so I had to disassemble it. It is wasteful to throw it away. I want to ask, Does anyone need wheel spacers? I have only used it for a few months, and it has ten years of after-sales, I don’t need to consider later issues. If you have any concerns, you can go to the official website of bonoss to know about this product more clearly. Decide whether to buy, leave me a message if you like, thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I want to choose wheel spacers for my car, Just wondering if any of you added spacers to the car? How's the look, can some of you post pics! Also, wondering if it will affect the handling or something.. I want it to look a little more wider from behind. this is my friend car,after intallnation picture,and he choose the BONOSS Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers for his Mercedes-Benz C260(W205),do you know any other wheel spacers brands ? I want to compared,which one is better . thank you . Front+5mm Rear+15mm Do you think it's beautiful
  4. Hey,guys,I'm new to the forum,today, I will share something about how to install Wheel Spacers for my Mercedes benz s450l, Welcome to Comment. Check the vehicle: Mercedes-benz (w222) Check the wheel spacers: Measure the thickness data that fit the wheels: Cleaning the wheel hub: Install the wheel spacers: After installation Let’s see the results: Do you think it's very beautful ? And do you have any questions for me ?
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