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  1. Ouch! I might have broken or damaged the part of the bumper edge that has the slot which holds the black part. I have not really examined cos was quite dim, and I just tried to push the two parts to connect back again, which I don't think it's 'connected' completely. I need to find a brighter area to examine.. probably later. Some stoppers really are too high.. i tot standard is like 15cm which dun even need so high.. One of those that caught me was obviously higher than 15cm. They think people are numb or what..
  2. Yeah now I’m like paranoid. It’s become a routine that after parked got make sure not all the way.. then check the gap between stopper and bumper. Hope I’ll get used to this soon.
  3. I think I have to just choose to leave it.. but need to check and confirm the damage done. It seems like the bumper part is 'disconnected' from the black plastic part. Will have to park inches out of the parking lot to avoid further damages.
  4. I dunno if it’s just me.. I’m still getting used to my 117 being a little lower than my previous ride. Several times i reversed into wheel stopper and kerbs and got caught, slight stuck at the stopper. I inched forward.. grinded and scratched the lower part of the rear bumper (the parts on both sides at the rear wheel). The only way is not to reverse too much with the front part slightly out of the parking lot. Anyone feeling the same ordeal I am feeling? I feel pain to see those scratches and dent to the lower part of the bumper, but what kinda repair should I do? Even after re
  5. hi guys, the 'consumption' graph in the COMAND screen is in MPG. Anyone knows how can I have it changed to km and litres?
  6. Hey guys, I got my CLA for a week now, and realized that noise when opening the panoramic roof. In the 0:17 and 0:40 mark of the video, there’s this sound which is like something hitting against hollow metal. Is it normal? C3BF9370-F00B-4DC8-B94A-D6AE8D1333F1.MOV
  7. Car is sold. Thanks for the interest. https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=773887&DL=1000
  8. I have airbag light on.. went to workshop to check. They poke through the holes at the side to remove the airbag to check the circuit.. cracked (see photo) the plastic part and told me they need to poke into there to release the airbag. Prior to that they left scratches that can’t be polished off on the horn area, and I need to leave it for them to send for ‘repairs to the surface’. Got that back not ideal but still acceptable. I came back checked YouTube about the holes to release airbag. They did the same but don’t need so much force as to crack the plastic.
  9. Finally got mine changed at chip soon.. $615 include labour.. 2 engine mounting and 1 gearbox mounting.. plus gst total $658.
  10. Thanks bro.. my FL is coming 5 years and I'm thinking all sorts of problems will come due to wear and tear.
  11. If it's about to blow I'll wait till blow then change the bulb.. Think should be fine. But socket/connector burnt.. That sounds a bit complicated. @johnphua, u got the socket changed and how long was the process? And the cost?
  12. Hi Bros.. My ride FL W204.. Keep having this message for left rear tail lamp/brake lamp.. I checked all the bulbs but all is ok.. No bulbs blown. Anyone can advise? What can be wrong?
  13. Have not been feeling well the past week and last night it caused me this.. I was doing reverse parking and reversed into edge of a pillar.. From the pic attached, can it be repaired? I read above dents removal but many seem to be of the metal body. So wondering if it can be done the same to this dent I have caused. Any suggestion and recommendation please.. Thanks in advance.
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